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Meadowdale Primary School



Art Curriculum Overview:

ART Subject Overview.pdf



Display of artworkAll of our pupils will be competent in drawing. They will have skills across a range of media and have an in-depth knowledge about our chosen artists.  

Our Art curriculum was created by the Art leader at Meadowdale. This approach was taken so that we had a broad and diverse curriculum that focuses on society, culture, identity, communication and the environment via observation, analysis, imagination, memory and self-expression.   

In Foundation Stage children have continual access to a range of art materials to access freely during continuous provision. They also have discrete teaching sessions as whole class/group sessions where they explore drawing, painting and collage. These skills are then built on as children move into Key Stage 1 and 2.   

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 all pupils will have had coverage over these different medias:   

  • Drawing  
  • Printing   
  • Textiles  
  • 3D  Collage  
  • Painting  

As well as the 7 formal elements:  

  • Line  
  • Tone  
  • Colour  
  • Form  
  • Texture  
  • Shape 
  • Pattern  

All children will also complete an in-depth study about a chosen artist from Foundation Stage to Year 6, so they leave Meadowdale knowing 7 artists. These artists range in gender, ethnicity, age, media and geographical location so that pupils gain diverse knowledge.