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Meadowdale Primary School


Art Overview

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 1 Animal pictures using a variety of media Seasonal images Printing city skylines Designing and making trains Observational drawings of plants and leaves Designing and making a fruit salad using locally bought produce
Year 2 Painting skills

Andy Goldsworthy artist study

Andy Warhol style drawings

Wintry scenes – exploring use of colour – hot/cold Line drawings – tudor buildings, portraits

Colour mixing - continuing with exploration off colour – hot -flame paintings

Design and make a desert buggy. Paul Klee artist study– Castle and Sun Sculpture – clay work – making toadstools
Year 3 Canopic jars Rangoli patterns


Shape poems & calligrams for Christmas cards/calendar

Sutton Hoo treasure Sketching

Wire Sculpture

Year 4 Sketching

Roles and purposes of artists/designers in different times and cultures (Cave art)


3D form (Clay work, junk modeling)

Painting-make and mix colours, use terms-hue, tone, shade, create different effects (creating natural paints and dyes and mixing colours)

Chocolate Stonehenge

Stained glass windows

Making a volcano model


Make a house for Gabriella

Roman project work

Puppet theatres

Year 5 Creative maps

Lunar landscape (buttons)



(Impressionist water art)


Joining materials

Chocolate cooking


Aztec masks - Mod roc

Shields Printing-Islamic patterns

Weaving Prayer mats

Clay tiles

Year 6 Arctic watercolours Moving vehicles Carnival hats


Year 6 production props and scenery