Vision and Aims

Meadowdale Primary School Market Harborough - our valuesOur Vision

is to create a positive learning environment where everyone is valued, supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives.

We Aim

To create a safe, secure, stimulating, caring and positive learning environment.

To encourage, support and include all learners so that they can achieve their full potential regardless of their ability, age, gender, background or race.

To provide excellent, innovative and exciting learning experiences.

For our children to become well-rounded members of society: healthy, strong, resilient individuals with a “can do” attitude.

To foster a love of learning that continues beyond school.

To create a strong, supportive staff team that shares the same values so that “Together we work for success”.

To promote high standards, high expectations and high achievement.

For everyone to feel valued and to respect themselves and others.