Pupil Premium 2014

In 2013-2014 Meadowdale Primary School received a total Pupil Premium funding amount of £9,900. Compared to other schools, this amount is relatively low, so we work hard to ensure that the money we receive is well spent and effectively targeted to the pupils for whom it is allocated.

Pupil Premium funding that is received by the school annually is used to improve pupil attainment and to help overcome any barriers to learning in order to close the gap and give pupils the very best chance to go on to be successful learners later in life. Qualification for this funding is dependent on a number of things~ if you would like any further information or think that your child might qualify for this, please do contact the school office and let us know.

Main Pupil Premium expenditure at Meadowdale is on:

Intervention Groups

  • Lessons have been timetabled to allow our SENDco, Mrs Martin and our SEND TA, Mrs Gee, to work with small groups of children in Literacy, phonics, spelling and Maths. Some funding has been used to enable these sessions to take place.
  • The school believes that a great way to improve attainment and learning attitudes in children who may be struggling is to use high quality tutors in school time. We have a fantastic record at Meadowdale of creating bespoke, highly personalised pre-taught units of work that trained teachers deliver 1-1 or in small groups (approx. 3 children at a time). Outcomes from this are generally very good and ‘close the gap’ for certain pupils. Pupil Premium money is mostly spent on this strategy at our school, usually in the late spring or early summer term.

We also address the issue of closing the gap for some pupils in the following, school funded ways:

Parental involvement:

  • Parents are invited into school for Theme Days, special assemblies, open days, to come on school trips, training sessions and other events.

Sports participation:

  • All children take part in Sport, twice a week during school time and learn key skills of team work and fair play. (See our sports premium section)