Dogs on School Premises Policy


Meadowdale Primary School staff and governors recognise that dogs are an important part of life for some families and as such are often included in day-to-day activities such as walking children to school. We also recognise that most dog owners are responsible and take care to control their dogs.

However, even well-behaved dogs can become unpredictable when in close proximity to other dogs and children in a noisy and busy school environment. Equally the behaviour of children can be unpredictable when in the presence of unfamiliar dogs.

We also recognise that some children find contact with dogs stressful or even frightening, and we have a responsibility to ensure that these children feel safe on our site.

We appreciate that there are big dogs and small dogs, with different personalities and characteristics, but need to set a policy that is fair and consistent for everyone.

Therefore we do not allow dogs onto our site, with the exception of trained Guide Dogs and Hearing Dogs. The site includes the school building, playground, playing field and car park.  We also ask that dogs are not left tied to the school gates or fence where children will be forced to walk past them on their way in to school.