Access and Security Policy

Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for our pupils, staff and visitors.  This policy ensures that we have in place effective procedures to enable us to achieve this aim.


Management Responsibility

School security is shared between the MAT (Multi academy trust), the LGB and the school nominated staff (headteacher, site manager)

Role of the MAT

The main role of the MAT is to maintain an overall strategic policy for security within its schools and to support and monitor its implementation by the individual schools.

Role of the Local Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for formulating the Security Policy and monitoring its implementation.

At Meadowdale Primary School the Premises committee of the Governing Body monitor the policy on an annual basis.  Any key issues that arise are taken to the Full Governing Body and resource implications discussed at the Leadership or Management Team meetings.

Role of the Headteacher

The Headteacher will be responsible for implementing the Security Policy agreed by the Governing Body.

The Headteacher will ensure:

  • all staff appreciate the importance of security and understand the school’s policy and their individual responsibilities;
  • all staff are aware of the support and advice given to them to protect their welfare (and cover this as part of induction process)
  • staff training needs are kept under review and training as necessary;
  • parents are informed of the Security Policy and encouraged to help;
  • formal site risk assessments are conducted by a member of the committee along with the school’s Site Manager and reported to the Premises Sub-Committee of the Governing Body and, where necessary, the MAT on a termly basis.
  • there are additional half-termly informal inspections of the site conducted by the Headteacher and Site Manager and the chair of Governors in his role of Safeguarding Governor will take part in these at least once during each academic year;
  • additional routine security checks are carried out on an on-going basis by the Site Manager;
  • all crimes are reported to the Police.
  • that termly meetings of school management team are held to ensure access and security issues are monitored and discussed as well as being tested

Role of the Site Manager

  • to ensure that all termly audits are conducted
  • to provide security update reports to termly premises committee meetings
  • to work with the headteacher to address any security breaches or issues
  • lead staff inductions relating to health and safety (to include security)
  • to implement and enact any actions resulting from audits
  • to liaise with external H+S advisors and report any issues to Governors as necessary.



Security of Pupils, Staff and Visitors

Security of the Children

Aspects of this are covered in the separate safeguarding policyand educational visits policy.  The Headteacher and governorsaim to ensure all pupils are secure at all times.

When children are taken off-site, communication between staff ismaintained through the use of mobile phones between  staff  and the  school.   This is the subject of a separate Educational Visits Policy.

All new staff are security checked by the Office Manager and details are kept on the SCR (Single Central Record). Until thishas been completed adults are not allowed to be in contact witha child in an unsupervised capacity. All adults in school are required to wear a different coloured lanyard depending on who they are and the level of contact with children (ie Staff, supervised contact or unsupervised or DBS checked adults).


Parents who regularly support the teaching of the children in theschool are also asked to complete a DBS check form, (seevolunteer helpers induction policy).

The side school gates are opened in the morning and we ask that parents and pupils access to the back of the school and the playground area no earlier than 8.40 a.m.  These side gates are then locked by the site manager between 9.00a.m. and  9.10 so any pupils arriving late for school must come through the school’s reception area and be signed in by the office staff.

The school has a security entry system and all school staff must wear a photo ID card on a lanyard at all times.  Visitors and volunteers have to sign in at the office and are issued with a blue visitor badge.  Red lanyards are used to signify visitors who have not been DBS checked and therefore should be supervised when moving around school and with children. Yellow lanyards are used for visitors who have been DBS checked and may work unsupervised with children. The visitor badge does not operate the security doors.  Any children leaving school for medical appointments or other reasons, must leave via the school office and be signed out for fire safety reasons.

The gates remain locked until 3.05 pm when the site manager opens them to allow parents into the playground in order to collect their children from their classroom doors.  All classrooms at Meadowdale have an external door and staff are on duty at the end of the day to ensure that children are handed over to known/ approved adults.  Older KS2 children may walk home alone, but this is agreed between teachers and parents first. Please see Start and End of School Arrangements document.

Security Strategies in School


  • staff based in school are the only staff to have a security access card.
  • staff can contact the School Office or senior staff in an emergency, via telephones in strategic positions or with walkie talkies (when in the sports hall or on the side field) or by using the ‘Urgent assistance required’ card system (cards are stored in lanyards);
  • staff can have meetings with parents in their classrooms or in the staffroom but must ensure that other adults know about the meeting;
  • all staff must challenge visitors who are not wearing a blue visitors badge;
  • all members of staff must wear the photo identification badge on a lanyard so it is clearly visible at all times



  • all visitors, including contractors, to come to main office entrance, report to office staff, sign in the visitors book and wear a visitors badge with the correct coloured lanyard;
  • all parents to making an appointment to meet with a member of staff during the school day should follow the same procedure as above;
  • all other services (SENd support Teams, school nurses, Ed Psychologists, IT support) based in the School must sign in by the School Office;
  • parents to be reminded of our security strategies on a regular basis through Newsletters written by the Headteacher;

All visitors to the school attending courses must:

  • sign in at the School Office and wear a visitor’s badge;
  • follow the School’s specified route to and from the training room, ensuring they exit via the School Office;
  • use the specified toilets designated for their course only;
  • all staff must ensure that the people trying to gain entry to the School should enter via the School Office. They should not gain entry through the classroom doors, or other access doors;


  • The main entrance door has a security swipe card system;
  • push button locks operate on the main entrance to school;
  • The school has an intruder security alarm system fitted and 17 CCTV cameras located around the site.
  • all external doors to be kept closed.
  • Doors leading directly onto the car park have additional security to ensure that they can’t be opened by children.
  • all rooms containing equipment that may pose a risk to be kept locked – Site Manager’s room, school kitchen and rooms containing cleaning equipment;
  • all windows to be secured.  They do not open fully.

Outside School

  • school gates to be kept locked when the school building is not in use;
  • school gates which give access to the playground to be kept closed and bolted during school hours (times detailed above);
  • all staff to challenge visitors on the school fields if present;
  • for school sports matches, the internal door must be locked so that access is supervised.  All toileting arrangements should be supervised by staff or use the toilets in the sports hall.

Security of the Staff

We have a duty of care towards our staff team and at Meadowdale we take this issue very seriously. Therefore, the following advice is given to all staff regarding personal safety:

  • Always park in the staff car park where you and your car is then protected by CCTV coverage.
  • Come into school by the main office always and log in to the fire safety board.
  • Wear your security badge in school at all times (it may need to be stored safely during some lessons eg: PE)
  • Never climb on tables/ chairs when putting up displays.  Please use proper step ladders and ensure that a colleague is present if you are working up high.
  • If you use an inhaler, epipen or other such medication, please ensure that this is known about by the people working closest with you and with the Headteacher.
  • If you need any kind of support during the school day, please let the Headteacher know or tell another colleague using the ‘urgent assistance required’ system.
  • No staff should work alone in school. School officially closes at 5.45 each night.  Staff working in mobile classrooms are advised not to work alone in the mobiles, especially in the winter months whenever possible.
  • If staff do wish to work late, or during holiday times, this must be agreed with the site manager or the Headteacher, one of whom will remain on site with the staff member.
  • If you feel unwell or are unable to work- please follow the guidelines in the staff handbook about contacting school.
  • If you have any difficulties with any aspect of your work, please discuss these with the Headteacher immediately so that any adjustments can be made to accommodate your needs.
  • All staff can access support from our HR provider in times of need by contacting the Employee Welfare Service.

‘The Employee Welfare Service is a strictly confidential counselling and information service available, free of charge, to all employees. It offers the opportunity to talk through any work or non work related issues, which can help to clarify thoughts, feelings and ideas. It can also help to explore options and ways forward and can put you in touch with specialist services and agencies.

To get in touch, or if you want more information, please telephone 0116 305 6178and ask to speak to Alison Earl.’

Security of Equipment


Theintruder alarmsystemislinkedtothealarm company.  Theywillcontactthemainkeyholderifitisset off. Andy Blythisthemainkeyholder. Hewillcontact the police if there is a security breach out of hours, openupthe premiseswhenthepolicearrive,butshouldnotenterthepremisesuntilthishappens,to ensurepersonalsecurity.

Security strategies

Inside School Building

  • all expensive, portable equipment to be marked as belonging to the School;
  • all valuable and recognisable equipment to be photographed;
  • the infra-red intruder alarm system to be in operation when the school is closed;
  • staff to be responsible for returning equipment to the secure area;
  • staff to “sign out” equipment which is taken home, e.g. laptop computer, ipads. Iftheitemisnotinsured,thenthememberofstaffshouldbe notifiedofthisfactbeforeitisborrowedandrepairswillbetheresponsibilityofthestaff member.
  • Allequipmentofsignificantvalueisrecordedinaninventory and this is updated annually.

Outside School Building

  • scaleable walls and drain pipes to be coated with anti-climb paint and inspected termly;
  • There is security fencing to the front, side and back of the school to prevent intrusion.

Security of Staff, Visitors, Pupils and Equipment during whole-school events.

Parents’ evening

  • all CD’s, cameras and personal belongings to be stored in teacher cupboards;
  • all portable electrical items to be stored in rooms that are locked;
  • all rooms apart from classrooms and staffroom to be locked;
  • staff to meet with parents in the classrooms;
  • clear signs put up to show parents the location of classrooms and a map to be displayed in the foyer;
  • parents can meet the Headteacher in her office;

Fundraising Events

  • all rooms apart from those required to be locked;
  • all CD’s, cameras and personal belongings to be stored in teacher cupboards and locked away;
  • for outside events – football matches, Summer Fayre, internal doors can be locked so people have access to toilet facilities without having access to school building.

Monitoring of strategies

  • informally through verbal reports from staff and visitors;
  • Formally through Premises meetings, termly Premises Sub-Committees and Full Governing Body meetings.

All staff to take shared responsibility to ensure these security strategies are implemented.