Acceptable Behaviour Policy


Meadowdale Primary School is committed to creating an atmosphere in which parents, carers and other visitors feel secure, valued and welcomed at all times. We work hard to encourage close links between parents and carers and the school and believe that it is beneficial to the whole school community for this relationship to be a positive one.

We also believe that our staff and children are entitled to a safe, respectful, positive and protective environment in which to work.

We therefore expect all adults visiting our site to set a good example of behaviour to our children, showing them how to treat each other with respect and courtesy. We also expect our staff, governors and anyone else connected with the school to be treated courteously and respectfully in face-to-face and telephone conversations, in written communication and online, both in electronic communication and on social networking sites. Swearing, using threatening words, or making discriminatory comments or abuse (e.g. racism, sexism etc) is not acceptable.

If we become aware of any derogatory, defamatory, rude, threatening or inappropriate comments about the school or anyone connected with the school the Headteacher may contact the parent/s or carer/s involved. This is in line our e-safety curriculum for our children.

Unacceptable behaviour on the school site

The following behaviours are not acceptable on our site:

  • Swearing, spitting, shouting, using threatening words or gestures.
  • Physical intimidation and use of force such as pushing, pulling, poking, prodding, invading personal space etc.
  • Discriminatory comments or abuse (e.g. racism, sexism etc.).
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes, within the school grounds (see Smoking Policy).
  • Bringing dogs into the school grounds (see Dogs on School Premises Policy).
  • Breaking the school’s security procedures.

Dealing with unacceptable behaviour

The school reserves the right to take any action necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff, children and visitors to our site. Anyone behaving in an unacceptable way may be asked to leave the school site and may be banned from the school site for a fixed period of time or indefinitely. Police will be called to assist with the removal of a person behaving unacceptably if necessary.

If a parent or other visitor uses unacceptable behaviour towards a member of staff, the Headteacher or a member of the Leadership or Management Team will seek to resolve the situation through discussion and mediation if appropriate to do so.

Where a parent/carer or visitor behaves in an unacceptable way to a member of staff, either on or off school premises, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Staff should call for another member of staff to be present if possible.
  2. If the unacceptable behaviour takes place during a telephone conversation, the member of staff should put the call on speakerphone to allow a colleague to witness the conversation, having first informed the caller that they are doing so. If the inappropriate behaviour continues, the staff member should warn the caller in a polite and professional way that the conversation will be terminated unless there is an improvement. If the caller still persists then the member of staff should tell the caller that they are putting down the phone and then end the conversation.
  3. If a member of staff anticipates that phone call or meeting may be difficult they should inform their line manager and have them present at the time. It is important that staff do not expose themselves to unnecessary risk e.g. the meeting taking place in isolated part of the school.
  4. If the unacceptable behaviour occurs in a face-to-face meeting, the member of staff should inform the parent/carer that the tone and/or content of the conversation is becoming inappropriate and that the conversation will be terminated unless there is an improvement. If the behaviour still persists then the member of staff should tell them that the conversation is now finished until they are calmer, and should walk away.
  5. If the member of staff feels confident that the person has calmed down sufficiently to have a reasonable conversation with them, they should contact them again at a mutually convenient time. Alternatively, they can arrange another meeting or phone call with a colleague or, if necessary, the Headteacher present.
  6. At all times the member of staff should seek to defuse the situation and try to speak in a calm, polite, professional and approachable way.
  7. Any incident of aggressive or anti-social behaviour must be reported to the Headteacher or a senior member of staff as soon as possible after the event and the member of staff involved should make a written note of what happened.
  8. If the Headteacher is unable to resolve the issue she should refer it to the Governors, presenting an accurate report based on a thorough investigation into all the facts.
  9. If the Headteacher and Governors decide to ban an individual from the school site for a set period of time, they should inform them in writing. The letter should state the reason for and period of the ban, and where they may go if they wish to appeal.
  10. Any member of staff who has experienced aggressive behaviour at school should be given the opportunity to talk over events with their line manager and the Headteacher and should be monitored after the event for any signs of stress or continuing fear.