National Curriculum Test Results

Key Stage 1

% EXS+% GDS+
RWM64.6 (N63.7)
Reading83.3 (N75.5)29.2 (N25.2)
Writing68.8 (N68.2)14.6 (N15.6)
Maths79.2 (N75.1)31.3 (N20.5)

N = 2017 National Average

Key Stage 2

Av Progress ScoreAv Scaled Score% EXS+% GDS+
RWM62.7 (N61.1)
Reading-0.1106.8 (N104.2)79.7 (N71.5)28.8 (N24.6)
Writing-1.678.0 (N76.4)18.6 (N17.7)
Maths-0.9104.3 (N103.9)76.3 (N74.9)16.9 (N22.6)
GaPS106.1 (N105.6)81.4 (N76.9)20.3 (N30.9)

N = 2017 National Average

What are National Curriculum Tests?

SATS (which stands for Standard Assessment Tests) is the common name used for National Curriculum Tests. Children are assessed at the end of Year 2 (Key Stage 1) and Year 6 (Key Stage 2) in reading, writing and maths. The Key Stage 1 results are all  based on teacher assessment; the Key Stage 2 results are a combination of teacher assessment and externally-marked national tests. Year 6 children also have to take a Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation test (GaPS).  Their writing level is decided by teacher assessment based on a combination of genres and a collection of writing pieces from the whole year.
The children in Year 1 also have to take an external test for their phonics.  They will be asked to read a list of words (some are real words, some are not) in order to assess how they apply their phonological knowledge.
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