Menu: Spring/Summer 2018

In addition to the items on the menu, the following are available every day:

  • Salad bar
  • Home-made bread
  • Unlimited fruit
MondayQuorn Hot Dog in a Bun with Jacket Wedges (V)

Neapolitan Pasta
Wholegrain Pasta in Tomato Neapolitan Sauce with Lentils

Sweetcorn / Fresh Broccoli

Raspberry Sponge Cake

Macaroni Cheese

Boston Bean Casserole
Warming Bean Casserole with Fresh Herbs with Wholegrain Rice

Sweetcorn / Fresh Broccoli

Oaty Biscuits with Fruit Slices

Mexican Vegetable Chilli with Rice

Quorn Sausage & Tomato Wholemeal Pasta Bake

Garden Peas / Fresh Cauliflower

Apple Crumble with Custard

TuesdayLocally Sourced Minced Beef & Vegetable Pie with New Potatoes

Cheese and Broccoli Flan

Fresh Carrots / Garden Peas

Pineapple & Peach Crumble with Custard

Cottage Pie
Locally Sourced Minced Beef with a Fluffy Potato Topping

Oriental Vegetable & Quorn Stir-Fry with Egg Noodles

Fresh Carrots / Fresh Broccoli

Chocolate Sultana Crispie

Locally Sourced Beef Lasagne with Garlic & Herb Wedge

Mild Mixed Vegetable Curry with Rice

Fresh Carrots / Fresh Broccoli


Frozen Yoghurt

WednesdayTurkey Bolognaise With Wholegrain Pasta

Shepherdess Pie (V)
Vegetarian Mince & Vegetable Pie Topped with Fluffy Mash

Sweetcorn / Fresh Broccoli

Fruit in Jelly

Chinese Chicken with Noodles
Farm Assured Chicken on a Bed of Egg Noodles

Vegetable Biryani
Mixed Vegetables with Rice

Sweetcorn / Fresh Broccoli

Pineapple Upside-down Cake with Custard

Bangers & Mash
Pork Sausages with Creamy Mash & Gravy

Quorn Roast with Mash & Gravy

Fresh Carrots / Seasonal Cabbage

Peach & Raspberry Cobbler

ThursdayLocally Sourced Sliced Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes & Gravy

Quorn Fillets with Roast Potatoes & Gravy

Sweetcorn /Seasonal Cabbage

Mini Gingerbread Cake with Fresh Fruit

Locally Sourced Sliced Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes & Gravy

Vegetarian Sausage with Roast Potatoes & Gravy

Garden Peas / Fresh Cauliflower

Apple Flapjack with Yoghurt

Farm Assured Roast Chicken Fillets, Roast Potatoes & Gravy

Vegetable Moussaka
Layered Cheese & Veg Bake Topped with Potato

Seasonal Cabbage/ Carrots

Oaty Fruit Crunch

FridayBattered Fish & Chips

Italian Bean Bake & Chips
Mixed Bean Bake with Crunchy Breadcrumb and Oat Topping

Baked Beans / Garden Peas

Banana Muffin

Fish Fingers with Potato Waffle

Loaded Bean & Vegetable Burrito with Potato Waffle

Baked Beans / Garden Peas

Cheese & Biscuits with Fruit or Veggie Sticks

Breaded Salmon with Sweet Potato Fries

Quorn Burger in Seedless Bun with Sweet Potato Fries

Baked Beans / Garden Peas

Ice Cream

19th Feb, 12th Mar, 16th Apr, 7th May, 4th & 25th Jun26th Feb, 19th Mar, 23rd Apr, 14th May, 11th Jun, 2nd Jul5th Mar, 9th & 30th Apr, 21st May,18th Jun, 9th Jul