Year 6 Curriculum Map 2017-18

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer  1Summer 2
Learning  ChallengeWhat did the Greeks do for us?Explorers and AdventurersDarwin’s DelightsSpymasterSouth America


South America /

SATS / What a performance

NB: Summer 1 / 2 are combined
Quality stimulusPercy Jackson film extracts


Myths and Legends website


Horrible Histories

Animated film – 23 degrees, 5 minutes


Survival – The Shackleton Story

What Mr Darwin Saw, ( Mick Manning)

Film: Darwin’s Delights – Theory of Evolution

Film: Stormbreaker


Animated film: Wallace and Gromit Cracking Contraptions

Year 6 production


End of SATS celebrations


Way Home (Libby Haythorn)

Animated film: Francis Brandywine

English·       Consolidating punctuation skills

·       Developing precise vocabulary


·       Creating a mythical creature and writing own Greek myth

·       Further punctuation skills

·       Developing sentence structure

·       Creating atmosphere and integrating dialogue


·       Setting and character description

·       Letters

·       Motivational writing

·       Writing for purpose and audience



·       Newspaper reports

·       biography


·       Creating atmosphere and using dialogue

·       Effective use of conjunctions


·       creating and advertising a spy gadget

·       explanation text

·       Stormbreaker action scene


·       Grammar and reading revision

·       Putting into practice writing skills



·       Journal writing

·       Short story writing


Shared class bookWho Let the Gods Out, Maz EvansClockwork, Philip PullmanStormbreaker (Antony Horowitz)Stormbreaker (Antony Horowitz)Wonder ( R J Palacio)


 MathsMaths scheme of work

Year 6 gaps/ revision


Maths scheme of work

Year 6 gaps/ revision

Maths scheme of work

Year 6 gaps/ revision

Maths scheme of work

Year 6 gaps/ revision

Maths scheme of work

Year 6 gaps/ revision

Investigative maths projects
ScienceHeart, blood and circulation

Fitness and diet

Human circulatory system; functions of heart, blood vessels, blood

Impact of diet, exercise, lifestyle

Investigating light

Light travels in straight lines; how we see objects; shadows; changing direction of light

Who was Darwin?

How did he change the world of science?

Inheritance, variation and adaptation; how living things have changed over time and evolved

Electricity and electrical circuits

Construct and control circuits; use circuitry symbols

Living things and their habitats


Animals of the rainforest


(e-safety runs throughout)

Coding: maze game Handling dataTechnology in our lives: how the internet works 
RE What matters most to Christians and Humanists?Is it better to express your belief in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?What difference does it make to believe in ahisma (harmlessness), grace and or Ummah (community)?What would Jesus do?  Can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st Century?

(link to South America – favelas/ rainforests)

History / GeographyAncient Greece and its legacyThe Polar RegionsWhere in the world did Darwin travel? South America: physical and human geography


What was it like to live in WW2?

Art / DTPeople in motion – drawing the human body‘Ice’ sculpture – 3D constructionsObservational drawing – mark makingMoving vehicles – making electrically powered carsCarnival hats



Year 6 production props and scenery

PETrain like an Olympian (circuit / fitness training)Dance (relating to winter / frozen lands)GymnasticsTennis skillsAthletics
MusicKey stage singingKey stage singing.

Charanga-Singing in parts

Key stage singing Year 6 performance
PSHELearning behaviours – resilience and determinationTeamwork, resilience, know your strengths.

Health and hygiene

Perseverance and the lightbulb momentInternet safety and social mediaSex and relationships education
Visits & visitors/


Boreatton Park residentialSchool nurse – health and hygiene


   The Warning Zone