Year 4 Curriculum Map 2017-18

Learning  ChallengeStone AgeThe Italian AdventureHere comes Summer
EnglishPoetry that uses images to create effect

Fantasy stories/Stories with a historical setting-Maroo and The Winter Caves/Stig of the Dump/The First Drawing/Stone Age Boy

Creation stories

Explanation texts

Diary writing


Myths/Legends-Romulus and Remus

Book Talk unit-Gabriella’s Song


Stories from other cultures-Escape from Pompeii

Information texts

Letters/postcards from Paul

The Thief Lord

Explanation Texts


Summer Poetry

Science reports

Summer stories

Narrative based on Wolves on the Walls


 MathsPlace Value

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division




Angles, length, mass, capacity and volume

Roman Numerals

Fractions and decimals


ScienceAnimals and Humans

Light and Shadows

Electricity, circuits, conductors and insulatorsEating/The Digestive System

States of Matter




ICTInternet Safety


Games and InformationBecoming a Games Designer
REWhy is Jesus inspiring to some people?

What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?


Why are religious festivals important to religious communities?

Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what specific experiences mark this?

What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?
History / GeographyPrehistory-from the Stone Age to the Iron AgeThe Romans



A European study-Italy

The origins of Hinduism (History and Geography)


Art / DTSketching

Roles and purposes of artists/designers in different times and cultures (Cave art)


3D form (Clay work, junk modeling)

Painting-make and mix colours, use terms-hue, tone, shade, create different effects (creating natural paints and dyes and mixing colours)

Chocolate Stonehenge

Stained glass windows

Making a volcano model


Make a house for Gabriella

Roman project work

Puppet theatres

Mixing and matching colours

PEGymnastics-Balancing and Turning

Sport with Mr. Probert


Dance-Stone Age themed

Sport with Mr. Probert



Sport with Mr. Probert


Dance linked to Electricity


Athletics/Striking and Fielding with Mr. Probert

MusicHarvest Songs

Charanga – Mamma Mia

Christmas Carols

Charanga – RapUkulele
PSHEFeeling Good


Keeping safe outside school

Ups and downs in relationships

Keeping healthy

Looking ahead

Visits & visitorsPortals to the Past

Stone Age workshop


Market Harborough Congregational Church (Carol Service)Jewry Wall
FilmsStig of the Dump

The Croods

The Thief Lord

A selection of short films to support our curriculum themes