Year 1 Curriculum Map 2017-18

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Learning  ChallengeAnimal Magic: What is magic about animals?Can we fix it?

(using the right materials for a task)

What’s Great about Great Britain?Why are trains important?All plants have green leaves – or do they?Why is Market Harborough called MARKET Harborough?
WOW MomentMini mobile zoo visitJunk modelling

Oak class assembly

Eating our way around Great Britain!Train trip to LeicesterPlant Man visitTrip to the market
EnglishAnimal stories and poemsThe Three Little Pigs

Santa’s Suit

The Ugly Five

Stories from the 4 countries of the U.K.Stories and poems about trains and journeys

Non-fiction texts

Descriptive writingNon-fiction texts
Throughout the year we read and learn stories from the Year 1 reading spine.

Phonics for reading and then spelling, grammar.

 MathsNumbers to 10

Additional and subtraction within 10


Ordinal numbers

2D shapes and patterns

Numbers to 20

Additional and subtraction within 20


Place value



Position and direction

Addition and subtraction

Problem solving


Instant recall of number facts


Seasonal changes



Seasonal changes Seasonal changesPlants

keyboard skills

REWho is a Christian and what do they believe?How and why do we celebrate special times?What does it mean to belong to a faith community? (comparing Christianity and Judaism)What makes places sacred?
History / GeographySeasonal changes UK and Britain countries and capital cities

Seasonal changes

Rise of railway travel – significant event

Famous people – George Stephenson, Thomas Cook

Seasonal changesLocal area – Market Harborough
Art / DTAnimal pictures using a variety of mediaSeasonal imagesPainting and collageDesigning and making trainsObservational drawings of plants and leavesDesigning and making a fruit salad using locally bought produce
PEInvasion sports: hockey, rugby, football, basketball, netball.

Dance linked to topic work.

Badminton, tennis, throwing and catching.

Gymnastic skills using apparatus.


Cricket, rounders, athletics.

Gymnastic skills using apparatus.

Dance linked to topic work.

MusicTopic songs


Christmas songs – KS1 nativityTopic songs


Topic songs

Healthy living

PSHEReady, respectful and responsible. Working well together, feelings, likes and dislikes.

Other people are special too.


Caring for myself and others.

British values

Keeping safeLooking forward
Visits & visitors/


Mini mobile zoo RE Pastor visitTrip to Leicester train stationPlant man visit?Trip to the market