Music Overview

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer  1Summer 2
Year 1Topic songs


Christmas songs – KS1 nativityTopic songs


 Topic songs

Healthy Living

Year 1 suggested CharangaHey YouRhythm in the way we walk and the banana rapIn the grooveRound and roundYour imaginationReflect, rewind, replay
Year 2 Christmas Nativity SongsLearning, performing and rewriting London’s Burning

Tuned instruments – boomwhackers

Year 2 suggested CharangaHands, feet, heartHo Ho HoI wanna play in a bandZootimeFriendship songReflect, rewind, replay
Year 3Ukelele    
Year 3 suggested CharangaLet your spirit flyGlockenspiel stage 1Three Little BirdsThe dragon songBring us togetherReflect, rewind, replay
Year 4Harvest Songs

Percussion instruments-composition

Christmas Carols

Year 4 suggested CharangaMamma MiaGlockenspiel stage 2StopLean on meBlackbirdReflect, rewind, replay
Year 5Space Music-The Holst

Create space music

Fanfare for Common Man

Christmas Carols 



Richard III Horrible History song

Islamic art inspired music
Year 5 suggested CharangaLivin on a PrayerClassroom Jazz 1Make you feel my loveFresh Prince of BelairDancing in the streetReflect, rewind, replay
Year 6     Year 6 Production
Year 6 suggested CharangaI’ll be thereClassroom Jazz 2Britten – A new year carolHappyYou’ve Got A FriendReflect, rewind, replay