This week was anti-bullying week. The children have learnt what bullying is and of the many roles that are instrumental in creating bullying behaviour. Each child in the school has made a pledge to become a ‘defender’ in order to prevent bullying at Meadowdale. There will also soon be a beautiful display in school containing all the artwork the children have created around the subject.

This week’s learning:

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been the focus of our English lessons this week. We are very impressed with the way the children have embraced the story; they have particularly enjoyed the drama sessions!

In maths this week, the children have revised factors, primes and multiples.

In geography, we have been talking abut the many brave explorers who have explored the polar regions and the children have created a timeline of the Golden Age of Polar Exploration.

Next week:

In English, we will continue to work on Romeo and Juliet in preparation forwatching a live broadcast of the Royal Shakespeare Company performing the play on Wednesday. We are very excited!.

Geometry will be our new maths topic. We will be focusing on angles next week.

In geography, the children will be creating fact files of some of the most famous explorers of the Golden Age of Polar Exploration.

We will also begin our new science topic about light next week, with the children learning about how light helps us to see, including how the eye works.

Home Learning

Please ensure your child completes the following pages of their SAT Busters:

Arithmetic: pages 17-19

Number, Ratio and Algebra: pages 23-26

Grammar: pages 40-42

Punctuation: pages 6-9

Spelling: pages 2-3

Hand in dates are: Maths – Wednesday 21st November; English – 22nd November

Alongside this, we are still expecting the children to practise their times tables on Times Table Rockstars for at least 10 minutes a day. It’s really beginning to make a difference to those children who are practising regularly. We are over the moon that already, a Year 6 child has taken the spot of fastest time in the school!

And finally, don’t forget to encourage your child to read regularly and that they are responsible for keeping their reading log up to date.


Thank you to those of you that attended our parent workshops this week. We hope you found them useful. The powerpoint presentation from the evening will be added to the school website shortly.

This week’s learning:

In maths this week, the children have been looking at different methods of dividing by 1 and 2-digit numbers.

In geography, the children were amazed by images of the sun’s position in relation to the Arctic and Antarctic circles at different times of the year, proving that both poles have 24 hours of darkness in Winter and 24 hours of daylight in Summer!

The children have created some information sheets in science, explaining what can happen if we eat too much sugar.

Next week:

As next week is anti-bullying week, we will be doing a lot of work around the subject. In English, we will be studying Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in preparation for watching a live broadcast of the play the following week. Factors, primes and multiples will be our focus in maths.

Home Learning

You will no doubt be aware that we have sent home the SAT Buster revision books this week. Each week, we will set the children a section of some, or all, of the books for homework. Maths subjects will be set on a Thursday and will be due back on the following Wednesday. English subjects will be set on a Friday and will be due back on the following Thursday. We will be marking the work in class so it is important that it is handed in on the correct day.

The children are aware of what needs to be completed this week. We have detailed it below for your reference:

Arithmetic: pages 13-16

Number, Ratio and Algebra: page 1

Grammar: page 43

Punctuation: pages 2-3

Spelling: page 19



Thank you so much to those of you who have provided plastic bottles for our Remembrance display. The children have begun making their poppies and you will be able to  see the stunning results of their work at the front of school next week.

This week’s learning

In English this week, we have created a piece of descriptive writing based on the Literacy Shed short film: 23 degrees, 5 minutes. The children did a cold write with no teacher input, then improved their writing following feedback and new teaching.

We have continued looking at a variety of multiplication strategies in maths.

In geography, the children have begun learning about the polar regions and have created an information poster comparing the Arctic and Antarctica.

Science has been very practical this week, with an investigation about the hidden sugars that can be found in everyday food items. Some of the results were very surprising!

Home Learning:

For home learning this week, we will be sending home your child’s highlighted spelling words showing words from the Autumn 1 section of the Year 5 and 6 Word Lists they still need to learn. We would also like them to begin learning the words from the Autumn 2 section, in preparation for their next test. The hand in date for this week’s home learning is Wednesday 7th November.

Please continue to encourage your child to read regularly and record their reading in their Reading Logs. As always, feel to make comments in these at anytime. It is important that your child brings their Reading Log to school every day, along with their reading book.

Next week:

Next week, we will be writing a science report on why too much sugar can be bad for you, including the results of this week’s investigation. Our reading and writing focus will be informative and the beautifully illustrated book, Shackleton’s Journey, by William Grill. In maths, we will begin working on division and in Geography, we will be looking at the position and significance of the Arctic and the Antarctic Circle in the context of comparing polar regions to the UK.

We are looking forward to seeing many you at next week’s parent workshops. Year 6 will be focusing on

how children’s writing is developed from its beginning stages to fluency by the time they leave primary school.


We will explain:

  • how learning grammar fits into the wider picture of writing
  • why fluent, joined handwriting is an important component in the writing process
  • the expectations for writing in each year group
  • what you can do to support your child’s writing at home

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 6 team


Welcome to the new term! The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn. As our work on Ancient Greece comes to an end, we are beginning to explore the opposite ends of the Earth in our new topic, Explorers and Adventurers. We will be looking at the extreme conditions of the polar regions and learning about the brave, determined individuals conquered them. There will be a particular emphasis on the incredible journey of Ernest Shackleton.

This week’s learning: 

English lessons this week have been spent publishing the children’s Greek myths in preparation for compiling our very own ‘Big Book’.

In maths, we have been exploring the different methods we could use to multiply by 2-digit numbers. This week in science, we have asked the question, ‘What is a healthy lifestyle?’ The children have written a letter to a friend or family member offering them advice on what steps they should take to keep healthy.

Next week: 

Next week in English and Geography, we will be beginning our Polar Regions topic in earnest. In science, we will be continuing with multiplication in maths, and in science, our healthy lifestyle lesson will be an investigation into just how much sugar is in our favourite, everyday foods.

In addition to our normal lessons next week, the NSPCC will be in school on Wednesday afternoon, running workshops for the children centred around their Speak out. Stay safe programme.

Home Learning: 

Home learning this week is arithmetic practice. The hand in date for this is Wednesday 31st October.

We are also sending home details of an exciting way for your child to practise their times tables: Times Table Rockstars! Each child has a login for the website and access to the app. They can create their own rockstar name and avatar before playing to collect points which can then be used to upgrade their outfits, instruments and surroundings. Children have individualised practice schedules and can also compete against their classmates, the rest of Year 6, other children in the school and even teachers! More details can be found in the letter your child has brought home and also on the website. Please encourage your child to set up their account and familiarise themselves with the site over the next few days.

Finally, if you haven’t already provided an empty 2ltr bottle and you wish to do so, may we remind you that we would like these by Friday 2nd November. We hope to use them to make poppies which will form part of a stunning display at the front of the school in time for Remembrance Day.



This week’s learning

At the beginning of this week, the children reviewed the practice papers they completed last week. We will be sending home the maths and grammar papers with the children for them to share with you. Please remember, this is the first time the children have experienced these types of questions, and they have all done extremely well. We are very proud of them.

In English this week, the children designed and described their own mythical creature, before planning and story mapping their myth. They are very much looking forward to beginning their independent writing next week.

Negative numbers continued to be the focus in maths this week. We consolidated the unit by creating a display of problems made up by the children to demonstrate their understanding.

In science, the children have been investigating the effect of exercise on their heart. They have plotted the results of their investigations into a graph, analysed the data and written their findings up in a report.

Finally this week, the children have continued to learn about the Ancient Greece and how different life was within Athens and Sparta.

Next week’s learning

In English, the children will be using their prior learning to create their very own Greek Myth, which we are excited to read.

In maths we will be moving on to the four operations and getting the children familiar with ‘BIDMAS’.

In history, the children will be learning about the twelve Greek gods along with the discovery of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece.

In science, we will be looking at the components and function of blood.

Home Learning

This week’s home learning will be arithmetic practice. Feel free to assist your children with anything they are struggling with and encourage them to show their working out.

Please could your child bring in a 750ml clear plastic bottle (water or pop) by Tuesday at the latest. This is for a science activity we will be doing on Wednesday.


Despite having lots of tired children (and teachers!) in Year 6 this week, we have all returned in good spirits and ready to face the challenges of the year ahead.

This week’s learning: 

Most of this week has been spent completing practice SATs papers to give us an idea of where the children currently are with their learning. We are pleased with the way that they have taken the tests in their stride and have accepted the challenge of the journey ahead.

We have also been rehearsing for our Norfolk Lakes assembly. By the time you receive this update, you will have watched and hopefully enjoyed it. We had great fun reminiscing about our time in Norfolk.

Home Learning:

For home learning this week, we would like the children to continue learning words from the Autumn 1 section of the Year 5 and 6 Word Lists. We will be testing them on these words the week after half-term, so lots of practice will help. The hand in date for this week’s home learning is Wednesday 3rd October.

Please continue to encourage your child to read regularly and record their reading in their Reading Logs. As always, feel to make comments in these at anytime. It is important that your child brings their Reading Log to school every day, along with their reading book.

Next week:

In English next week, we will be continuing with our Greek myth writing.

In maths, we will be creating a Year 6 display all about negative numbers in context.

In science, we will be carrying out an investigation into the effects of exercise on our bodies.



Thank you to the parents who came to the open evening on Wednesday, it was lovely to share the children’s hard work with you all and discuss the year ahead.


This week’s learning

In English this week, we have been comparing Greek Myths. We have also been describing mythical creatures, using rich vocabulary, in preparation for creating our own.

We have been rounding in context in maths this week and have begun to investigate how negative numbers are used in everyday life.

We have asked the question: Why the Greeks were so good at fighting? In history, with the children learning about hoplites and triremes.

Finally, in science, the children have created a poster about the functions of the heart.

Home Learning

This week’s home learning will be arithmetic practice. Feel free to assist your children with anything they are struggling with. This will be due in Wednesday 27th, the week after residential.


This week’s learning

In English, the children have been enjoying writing about Theseus’ time within the Labyrinth. We have been encouraging the children to include precise vocabulary.  The children have been working on editing their work through the use of editing stations.

In Maths, we have continued our place value unit by revising rounding within a context.

The children have been finding out about Athens this week in Topic.

In science, we have begun learning about the heart, discussing effects of exercise and looking at the functions of the heart in detail.

Next week’s learning.

Next week we will be reading more Greek Myths and will start to look into fantastical creatures in preparation for writing our own Myth after our residential. In maths, we will be learning about negative numbers.

Home Learning

Thank you to those who have covered their home learning books. This week’s Home Learning will be Spellings. The children have been tested on all the words we expect them to know by the end of the year. We have highlighted the ones they are comfortable with. We would like them to practice the non-highlighted words from the Autumn 1 list by completing one or more of the activities we have provided. They will be tested on all the Autumn 1 words at the end of this half term.

Miss Richards is offering the Year 6 children a homework club during Monday lunchtimes. This is a great opportunity for the children to receive help with their homework and will begin on Monday 10th September.

PE days.

Apologies for the mistake in last week’s parent mail; PE lessons will take place on Mondays and Thursdays this year. Thank you for ensuring their P.E. kits were in school this week.


Welcome to Year 6!

The children (and teachers) have returned to school in a refreshed and in a positive frame of mind. They all seem really excited and ready to rise to the challenges ahead.

This week’s learning

We have spent time familiarising the children with the Year 6 routines and have talked a lot about expectations for the year, both from our perspective and the children’s. We have also hit the ground running with our learning in the two days we have been back at school!

In English, the children have begun to learn about Greek myths in preparation for writing their own myths over the next couple of weeks. They have studied  and summarised the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and will be reading lots more Greek myths over the coming lessons.

In maths, we have been refreshing our place value knowledge by playing lots of games involving numbers up to 10,000,000.

Our history topic this term is Ancient Greece. The children have enjoyed finding out about the legacy of Ancient Greece and have been fascinated to discover that many of the things we use and take for granted today actually originated from this civilisation!

Next week’s learning

The children will continue to be immersed in all that is Ancient Greek by reading many more Greek myths and learning more about life in Ancient Greece. Place value in maths will be further embedded in order to lay the groundwork for further topics to come.

In religious education next week we will be asking the question: ‘What do religions say to us when life gets hard?’ As part of this unit, we will be touching on the sensitive subject of suffering and death. If you would like some information on the content of these lessons, or have any questions, please feel free to pop in and talk to your child’s teacher before next Friday, when the first lesson is scheduled.

Home learning

We will give you more information on your child’s regular home learning next week. For this week, we are sending home learning books and notebooks for the children to cover and personalise, if possible, using paper of their choice. Please can you ensure the notebooks are back in school by Monday and the home learning books are returned by Wednesday next week.

PE days

PE lessons will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays this year. Please make sure PE kits are in school on these days.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 team


Well, what a week!  As we hurtle towards the end of the year, we seem busier than ever.

The children have been fantastic; we are very proud of their performances of ‘What a Knight!’  Despite the extreme heat and a rather important football match, it was a ‘knight’ to remember!

The Warning Zone visit was a great success.  Please do talk to your children about what they have learned about personal safety and managing risk.  A digital brochure from the visit is attached.

Next week will also be full of activity.  On Monday and Tuesday, the children going to Robert Smyth and Welland Park will have their induction days.  For the children staying in school we will arrange suitable activities.

We are also preparing for the Leavers’ Assembly.  This will be held at 9.15am on Friday 13th July and we hope to see you all then to celebrate the children’s time at Meadowdale.  In between all of this, we will complete our DT controllable vehicles project.

Finally, don’t forget the MSA Year 6 leavers’ party on Thursday evening, 12th July.