Year 6 – 23/3/18

We’ve made it! After a busy term, we are all ready for a well-deserved break!

This week’s learning:
The children have written-up their advertisements for our spy gadget catalogues this week. They all look very professional! In maths, we have begun to learn about the construction and interpretation of line graphs and pie charts. We have finished writing up our science investigation: ‘Does the length of the wires in a simple circuit affect the brightness of the bulb?’.

Home Learning:
Over the holidays, we would like the children to complete the following tests in their SAT Buster books:
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling-set B, test 4 and set C, test 1.
Reading-set B, tests 1 and 2.
Also, we will be testing all the spellings from the spelling lists during the first week back after Easter so it is really important that these are practised.

After the holidays:
When we return after Easter, we will be carrying on our work on Stormbreaker. Following this, we will begin our new topic on South America.

Have a great Easter.

The Year 6 team

Year 6 – 16/3/18

With only one week to go before the Easter break (where did that half term go?), Year 6 are still as busy as ever with both new learning and revising previous content.

This week’s learning:
As part of our Stormbreaker topic, the children have created their own spy gadgets and, following on from their ‘Snoozatron’ explanations last week, have used their newly-learned skills to write an explanation of how their gadget works. They have also begun to learn about advertising, specifically techniques that advertisers use to ‘sell’ their products, in preparation for advertising their spy gadgets next week. Coordinates have been the focus in maths with the children learning how to plot, translate and reflect coordinates in a 4-quadrant plane. In science, we are planning an investigation to answer the question: ‘Does the length of the wires in a simple circuit affect the brightness of the bulb?’

Home Learning:
Please continue to complete the grammar and reading SAT Buster booklets, read as much as possible, and practise spellings and times tables.

Next week:
In English, each child will be creating a page for our very own Year 6 spy catalogue which will advertise the best must-have gadgets on the market for all those professional spies out there (ask your child about their gadget!). In maths, we will be learning about pie charts and line graphs along with revising time/timetables. We will be writing up our electricity investigations in science.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 team

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