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Happy days. I'm sure some bags are grim, others hardly touched! Thank you for lending us your fabulous children for three days. #sleepyheads

All done😀
Kids have been BRILLIANT 😀
Just waiting for the bus. We should be back by 3pm

Packing bags now. Be prepared for rogue socks & pants in amongst their washing! Most clothes are dry, but boy do they need a wash! @pondlife

Very proud staff 😀. I'll let you & school know our expected time of arrival later.PLEASE don't forget to collect all medicine from Mr Pierce

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Arrangements for next Wednesday’s residential trip to Beaumanor Hall:

Please arrive at the school hall at normal time.

Medicines should be handed to Mr Pierce. Please ensure they are labelled with relevant information regarding dosage and timings.

Once bags have been loaded, the children will get onto the coach and off we will go. We aim to be on our way by 9.30

Please pack for the weather and ensure that your child knows what is included in their bag. Don’t forget sleeping bags and pillow (and a roll mat if desired.) Please don’t send your child with sweets, chocolate, crisps, extra drinks etc.

The children will be told their tent buddies and activity groups upon arrival.

Mr Pierce will keep in contact with school whilst away and will endeavour to update the twitter account regularly. This is a protected account so to subscribe to these tweets please go to and click on ‘Follow’. If your identity isn’t obvious from your twitter name please send an email to with your twitter name, your name and your child’s name so that we know who you are, otherwise your request may be declined. If you don’t use twitter you can see the tweets on our website at

Please bear in mind that internet reception is very poor at Beaumanor and it is difficult to update twitter whilst out doing activities.

The children have worked well in English and maths this week; writing descriptive passages and estimating decimal numbers.

We have noticed that several children have not logged on to Times Table Rockstars for many weeks and we can see that this has had a detrimental effect on their progress compared to those who regularly play the game. If you have difficulty accessing the site at home, children are welcome to join the Times Table Rockstars lunchtime club every Thursday.

Enjoy the weekend. Chestnut class; think about random acts of kindness.


This week Chestnut class have been busy rehearsing their class assembly which takes place a week today, 11th May. The assembly will start at 2.40pm and the hall will be open from 2.30pm for those wanting to attend.

In English this week, we have been working hard on apostrophes and have made funny books based on “The girl’s like spaghetti.”

The pupils have worked very well with multiplication and division of decimals and using their knowledge to solve money-based word problems.

There are still places available for the two clubs run by Mr Pierce and Mrs Williams. Countdown club is on Tuesday from 3.15-4.15pm and Times Tables Rockstars club takes place during Thursday lunchtimes. If you would like your child to take part, please fill in the club permission slip and return it to the office.

A kit list for Beaumanor is attached to this email. When packing your child’s case, please ensure they are with you so that they know what they have in their bag. It sometimes comes as a shock to some children that there is more than one pair of pants and a toothbrush in their bag! Again, if you have any questions please see Mr Pierce or contact him via school email.

Thank you to all the scientists who discovered the best way to clean a whiteboard last week! Very much appreciated.



Well, writing last week about water bottles and sun hats put the mockers on the weather!

This week in English, we have been looking at the problematic apostrophe and its many uses. Next week we will continue to learn how they are used and we will be writing poems and a class book using them correctly.

We have been pleased with the way the pupils worked in our maths lessons; concentrating hard on addition and subtraction of decimals. Next week, we will move on to multiplication and division of decimals.

A reminder for those of you who have not yet returned the consent and medical form for the Beaumanor trip to please do so by Monday next week. Again, if parents want to come and talk privately to Mr Pierce about any anxieties and issues regarding the trip, he is available every day after school and via the Chestnut email/school email address.

A reminder that the day we return from Beaumanor, 18th May, the MSA in association with our fantastic ukulele teacher, Mr Ferraby will be holding a concert in the school. Details are on the school weekly update. It promises to be a great evening.





Hooray! Spring is finally here and the weather looks like it has changed for the better. With that in mind, just a quick reminder that it is a good idea for pupils to have a hat for break and lunchtimes and that all pupils should have a water bottle for class. Pupils can fill up and have a drink whenever they need to and we will remind them of the importance of staying hydrated in the hot weather.


This week in English, we have been writing our own Roman mystery chapter to go alongside our class reading book, The Thieves of Ostia. Next week we are turning our minds to focus on apostrophes; when and how to use them.


In Maths, we have been working on the area and perimeter of regular shapes, such as squares and rectangles, and composite shapes. Next week we will concentrate on decimals and how to add and subtract decimal numbers.


Your child will have a medical/contact form for you to fill in, in preparation for our upcoming residential trip to Beaumanor Hall.  Please fill it in with the relevant details and return it to Mr Pierce as soon as possible. A reminder that if you need to talk to Mr Pierce regarding any medical (or other) issues regarding the trip, he is available after school every day or via the class email.




We enjoyed a great first week back after the Easter holidays.

In English the children have been reading, planning and writing newspaper reports. If you have the opportunity please encourage your child to read newspapers at home (interestingly the children struggled to name many newspapers). This week the children will be working on writing a mystery story of their own based on he opening chapter of Thieves of Ostia.

In maths the children have been working out the perimeter and area of rectangles and other shapes. The children should be able to tell you that to find the perimeter of a rectangle you can calculate it by 2 x length + 2 x width. They have also found the area of a rectangle by multiplying the length by the width. We will be continuing on work on this week.

As part of being a research-led school we are trying something a little bit different this term. National statistics show that girls perform better than boys at writing and boys perform better than girls in maths. After lots of research and reading about the reasons why, we have decided to trial teaching the children in single-sex groups for one maths lesson and one English lesson a week. The first session was a big success!

PE is going to be on Wednesday and Friday this term. Please can we ask that the children wear black shorts and either the school PE t-shirt or a white t-shirt. Water bottles need to be in school every day and suncream if the weather requires it!

A new list of homework tasks was sent out last week. We ask that your child completes six before the end of the summer term in July please.

Year 4 – 23/3/18

This week in English the children have really enjoyed looking in depth at Macbeth and have written the most amazing letters, diaries and spells. We have been so impressed with their enthusiasm. 

In reading we have started to read Thieves of Ostia  – a Roman mystery and we will be continuing with this after the Easter Holiday. 

In maths we have come to the end of a 4 week unit on decimals – the children can order, round and now compare to fractions.  

After the holiday we will be looking at area and perimeter.We have also been looking at telling the time and would ask that you keep getting the children to practice converting from 12 hour to 24 hour time at home. 

Times Tables Rockstars is an easy way to get the children to practice their times tables daily. Please encourage and support us with your child’s learning of their times tables. Don’t forget it is available to download as an app so they can practice when you are out and about. 

After Easter we will be setting up a TTRockstars club for those children who struggle to practise at home. Please make sure you all have a lovely, relaxing break. We hope that Sycamore Class’s parents are able to come to watch their assembly this afternoon. Chestnut’s assembly is on 11th May.

Year 4 – 16/3/18

In English, we have been enjoying learning about Macbeth and we will continue to do so next week.

In maths we have been learning the relationship between fractions and decimals and we will carry this on next week.

We enjoyed Pinocchio on Monday. Thank you for supporting the Arts in school.

Next week is the last week of swimming. After Easter, we will be resuming our ukulele lessons with Fez.

A little reminder that your homework projects need to be up to date with five tasks completed by next week.

Remember that Times Table Rockstars is a part of your weekly homework. The teachers can see when each child last logged on!

There is a times table test next week so get learning them!

Have a nice weekend,

Year 4 team

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