Happy New Year!

It has been a lovely start to the term.

In English the children have watched a short Pixar film called For the Birds and written dialogue and persuasive letters. Next week we will be looking at the picture book Gabriella’s Song and learning about Venice and symphony orchestras. 

In maths we are learning about fractions and have so far looked at fractions on a number line and ways to simplify fractions. We will be continuing to work on our fraction knowledge in the next few weeks. 

Our main topic this half term is mountains and volcanoes. The children have enjoyed looking at atlases and maps and we will be learning lots of facts about volcanoes and mountains.

PE this term will be on Wednesdays but the children need to have their PE kits in school every day please as sometimes (like next Monday and Tuesday) we will have additional ad hoc sessions.

In our upcoming PSHE lessons we will be starting a topic about human bodies where we will be covering:

  • Differences between males and females using correct terminology
  • Valuing the body’s uniqueness and capabilities
  • Responsibilities for personal hygiene 

If you have any questions about this then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please ensure the children have warm coats in school every day now that the weather is colder and that all clothes are named so that we can get any lost items back to their owners.


With only week of term left the children have still been working really hard. 

In English the children have been wriitng narratives based on a video literacy prompt. The children have written setting descriptions, action sequences and developing their sentence starts and styles. Next week we will be looking at Christmas themes poetry tasks.

In maths the children have been drawing and measuring angles. We will continue to develop these skills next week and also fit in some Christmas themed maths.

The children need to bring in their four completed Stone Age homework tasks please and we would like to invite parents in from 3pm to come and look at the amazing work.

The Christmas Carol concert is on Monday so please make sure the children are wrapped up warm for the walk there.


We had a wonderful Stone Age Day this week – the children really enjoyed handling the very many artefacts that the company brought in.

In English we have been setting sleuths and the children have been using prepositional phrases to add details to their opening setting paragraphs. We will continue to write these narratives next week focusing on action sequences and a variety of sentence starters.

In maths we have started to learn about angles and this work will continue next week. The children will be learning to name angles, to use a protractor, to estimate and to measure the size of angles.

The children should all have come home knowing their part in the Christmas Carol Service – the children will either be forming a tableaux and/or reading a few words. Every child will be joining in the singing and we hope that the Carol Service will be a great success. 

Can we just ask you to remind the children to keep learning their spellings and to ensure that they are on track to complete the four homework tasks by the last week of term.


Thank you to those who came along to our workshops on Tuesday regarding maths and English. We hope they provided you with some ideas and thoughts about your child’s work and what you can do to help at home.

This week we have been using speech punctuation in our English work and using our class book, Stig of the Dump as our inspiration.

In maths we have been using our calculation skills to work out word problems.

In the run up to the centenary of the end of the First World War, we have been looking at poetry associated with the war and making poppies for our fantastic and moving display outside the front of the school.

Don’t forget to keep learning your spellings and log on to your Times Table RockStars.


This week we have been learning division and working out real life problems with bar models. We are enjoying our work on the classic children’s book, Stig of the Dump.  If you have a copy of the book at home, your child may want to bring it in to school, or you may wish to read it with them at home.

We will continue with our work on division and Stig next week.

Next Tuesday is our workshop evening for parents, where we will be talking about how to help your child in English and maths. A separate email has been sent out with more details.

Please encourage your child to bring a coat to school as the weather has definitely changed for the colder.

Thanks to the pupils who have already completed some of their Learning Log tasks. We have been very impressed by the quality and the range of work undertaken by the pupils.

A quick reminder that pupils should be accessing Times Table Rockstars throughout the week as well as learning their specific Autumn term spellings and reading regularly.


We’ve had a lovely week, thinking about how to wash a woolly mammoth in our English lessons. and in maths, we have been tackling multiplication using two digit numbers. We’ve worked on relationships and kindness this week and our guest speaker for our whole school assembly talked about spreading kindness which is something we like of a lot in Year 4.

The children have been asked to bring in a washed plastic milk bottle for next Monday. They can be either a pint, 2 pint or 4 pint bottle. We will be using them in our D&T lesson. If you can bring in more than one, that would be great.

Next Wednesday we will be opening the class at 3pm to parents who wish to see examples of the lovely Learning Logs the children have completed this half term. You are more than welcome to come along and have a look.

Don’t forget that school closes for half term next Thursday so don’t turn up on the Friday, because we won’t be here!



In English this week, the children have been writing a modern day version of the book “Stone Age Boy”. They have included lots of the elements we have been working on including fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and paragraphs. Next week we will be washing a woolly mammoth! This will involve instructional writing.
In maths we have been working on factors and multiples and have just started using the formal written method of multiplication.
The children have been making Stone Age jewellery. These should be coming home on Friday, fingers crossed.


We have been working this week on the Stone Age settlement of Skara Brae and looking at how they lived. In maths we learned about factors and next week we will be multiplying large numbers by a single digit.

Well done to all those pupils who have logged on to Times Table Rock Stars this week. Don’t forget that you can practise every day of the week. Please remember to sign your child’s reading record book to show that they are reading at home.

We have been talking a lot about kindness in our classes this week and encouraging children to make the right choices in their relationships with other children. We have discussed the consequences of their actions and how they can impact on children’s happiness and learning. Please take a minute or two to emphasise this to your child.

As the weather has definitely turned autumnal, please ensure your child has a suitable coat for school.

We have seen some excellent learning log homework already. A reminder that three tasks need to be completed by the end of this half term. We will be displaying after school on the Wednesday 10th October.

Your child’s Christmas card design needs to be back in school next Wednesday.


It has been a great week in Year 4 this week. It was lovely to see those of you who were able to attend the open evening this week. For those who could not please find attached the handout we shared.

In English this week we have been infering how characters are feeling in the book “Stone Age Boy” and describig the settings. Next week we will be writing letters in character and describing a hunting scence.

In maths this week we have been rounding to 10 and 100. We will be continuing with this next week and also looking at estimation.

The children should all have brought home their new reading journals – please support them in home reading and recording in these. We hope to see a parental signature each week.

If your normal collection arrangements change please let us know.


We have had a very encouraging return to school after the summer break. The children have been very enthusiastic and have already produced some amazing work.

In English we are learning about the Stone Age and reading Stone Age Boy. The children will be producing lots of writing based on this over the next couple of weeks, focusing their skills on expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials to add interest to their writing.

In maths we are working on place value; the children have been identifying the value of digits, comparing and ordering numbers. Next week in maths we will be learning to round to nearest ten, hundred and thousand.

The children will be coming home with their learning logs for this year. The homework expectations are slightly different this year – we will talk more about this at the open evening next Wednesday. The main points are:

  • Reading: in an ideal world, children will read for a sustained period of time every day. We know home lives are busy but we would appreciate your support encouraging your child to read as much as possible. Books can be changed in the classroom libraries daily and children are more than welcome to bring in books from home to read. Every child has a Guided Reading session during the week.
  • Learning logs: Children have a menu of homework tasks to choose from. We would like to see every child complete three tasks by half term. If children would like to complete more, then they can. We would like children to cover their leaning log in a way that represents their hobbies, interests and personality.
  • Spellings: Children will be bringing home a selection of tasks to help them learn their spellings. The specific spellings they need to learn this term are the ones not highlighted on their personalised sheet.
  • Times tables: Every child has their own Times Table Rockstar username and password. We will be encouraging children to log on at home and practise their times tables regularly and Teachers will be able to monitor pupils’ home participation. We will also be having regular Times Table Rockstar quizzes at school. Last year a number of children progressed from answering five questions correctly in 60 seconds, to over 60!

It would be lovely to see you all at the Open Evening, details of which have been sent in a separate email.

Water bottles: please can children bring in a labelled drinks bottle so they can stay hydrated during the day. We encourage children to drink at break and lunchtimes.

P.E.: Our P.E. sessions will be on Thursdays and Fridays this term.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on the class emails or catch us before or after school.