This week..

We have started our work on Romeo and Juliet this week.  The children have enjoyed taking part in lots of short drama activities where they have used various techniques – they have walked the streets of Verona, created ‘freeze-frame’ tableaus showing the Montague an Capulet families.  This work will continue into next week with a special visit from Romeo and Juliet!

The children have designed a mask for a ‘masked ball’ and will be making their creations in art next week.

In maths we have been exploring number problems as well as working with the subtraction of two 2 digit numbers.  This work will also continue into next week.

Other Information

We have a lot of children bringing toys into school for ‘show and tell,’ but unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time in our busy school day to be able to do this! We, of course, are happy for the children to share anything with the class that is relevant to our current learning and will always make time to do so.



We first of all wanted to say thank you for the contributions to the Egyptian Day and for the amazing costumes – especially those that were home-made – they were fabulous. The children had a wonderful day and said they really enjoyed the storytelling and playing Ancient Egyptian games (which were really hard!)

This week we have been very cultural as the children have been learning about Romeo and Juliet. They have been ‘freeze framing’ scenes to learn the plot, looking at the language and acting out a part of the play.

This part of the play – a fight scene between two feuding families – links in with our other theme of this week which is Anti-Bullying. For this, the children have been learning about the roles involved in bullying and what they can do to help stop bullying. Please ask your child about this and have a discussion about the importance of becoming a ‘defender’ and helping someone if they are being bullied. To reflect this, the children have been helping with an Anti-Bullying display where we will say: Together we can stop bullying. We have also all pledged to become ‘defenders’ by signing with a finger print for the display. We have been very proud of the children’s attitudes and contributions for this important week.

In maths, the children have been learning to do column subtraction of up to three-digit numbers and have progressed to ‘regrouping’ a ten when they can’t subtract in the ones column (we used to call it taking or borrowing a ten).

Our learning next: 

Next week we will continue with learning about Romeo and Juliet, to include watching some of a live screened performance so the children get an idea of what the story looks like on stage. We may also watch Gnomeo and Juliet as a less tragic version of the story!

In maths we will continue with column subtraction and move onto regrouping a hundred if we can’t subtract in the tens column.  We will also be finishing our Ancient Egypt topic, ready to move onto rock and soils the following week. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and their enthusiasm has been wonderful!

Home learning:

We are still hoping that you will read every day with your child and record this in their reading record – and please remember, it’s any reading they do so if they prefer to read a book from home, you can record this. We just want them to enjoy reading and read as often as possible as it makes such a difference to their learning. Please don’t forget to bring these in every day.

Other information:

As Mr Pierce is not in school for the next 3 weeks and therefore is unable to run Pokemon club on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we would ask that all Pokemon cards be kept at home. Once Mr Pierce returns, Pokemon cards will only be allowed on Tuesday and Thursday lunch times.

Hazel Class will be getting song words and their script today for our assembly next Friday. Please could you help them to learn them by Monday to help make our rehearsals next week as productive as possible? These links will help for the songs (we are doing the Amazing Egyptians song without music, but the clip will help with the tune.)



If you could please remember to bring in PE kit, that would be great, as we still have a significant number of children in both classes forgetting their PE kit, particularly on Thursdays.


This week we all had a fantastic time on Wednesday afternoon for our European Day of Languages. The children learnt some German, sign language, shorthand and idioms from the UK and Europe. In maths we have worked on the column method for addition, including regrouping into other columns (we used to call it carrying!)

English has been wonderful, with the children writing beautiful stories from a picture prompt of a huge owl on a car!

Thank you so much to all of you who helped your children with research on Egyptian Gods – it was fabulous to use their information in our lessons.

In science the children have been drawing diagrams to explain friction using results from their exciting experiments.

Our learning next:

In maths will be continuing to use the column method for addition, with regrouping into other columns. We will also start to work on quick recall of addition of single digit numbers – for example 5 + 8 = 13. It would really help their maths if you could practise at home and really focus on speed of recall. Thank you!

In English the children will continue to write stories using all their strategies for writing amazing descriptions. This time they will have a video prompt to help inspire them.

In history we will be looking at what the Ancient Egyptians believed about death and the afterlife. Again, if your child would like to do some research at home that would be great.

Home learning:

Thank you to so many of you who are reading at home every day with your children and for sending in reading books and records every day.

All the children are now able to log onto Time Table Rock Stars and we’re really pleased with how many are taking part. We have already noticed an improvement with the speed of recall!

Other information:

Could we once again ask that all PE kits are in school for your child’s PE days? These are Monday and Thursday for Hazel Class and Tuesday and Thursday for Willow Class.

If your child does any writing, maths or research at home we would really love to see it! We don’t have a show and tell session, but we still love to see any effort made at home and it’s lovely to praise children for going above and beyond what is expected.


Year 3 have all been working really hard this week and you should be very proud of them! They’ve been writing amazing descriptive sentences that we’re delighted with and also comparing 4-digit numbers and learning to find one more and one less. In history we have been learning about why the River Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians. In science we have been finding out about friction as a force by experimenting with toy cars and different surfaces on a ramp.

Our learning next: 

In maths will be starting to use the column method to add numbers.

In English the children will be writing stories using all their strategies for writing amazing descriptions. We are really looking forward to reading their imaginative ideas.

In history we will be looking at Egyptian gods so if your child wanted to do some research and bring it in for Wednesday that would be fantastic.

Home learning:

Please keep encouraging your child to read every day and record this in their records. Could you also please remind your child to bring their book and reading record in every day – thank you!

Other information:

Please could you ensure that your child has their PE kit in school on their PE days? These are Monday and Thursday for Hazel Class and Tuesday and Thursday for Willow Class.

Christmas card templates need to be in by Wednesday – unfortunately any received after that will not be sent. We can’t wait to see their festive designs.


It’s been a great week in Year 3 as the children are becoming really settled and know the class routines well. It was also lovely to see so many parents at the open evening so thank you for taking the time to come in. We hope you enjoyed visiting your child’s new class and seeing what they have been and will be learning.

Our learning next:

In maths we have been looking at 4-digit numbers and will be moving on to counting on and back in ones, tens and hundreds.

In English we have used our story maps to learn a chapter of Flat Stanley and the children are now improving them. Next week we are focusing on creative writing by learning to write expanded noun phrases and using these to write stories from a picture or video stimulus.

We are starting our group Guided Reading sessions next week, so it would be really helpful if your child had their reading record and reading book at school every day.

In history we will be looking at the importance of the Nile to the Ancient Egyptians and how it influenced their lifestyle.

Home learning:

As we talked about in the open evening presentation, we would like to continue a focus on reading at home for homework. The children all have their lovely new reading records which they are very excited about! If you could fill them in every time they read at home that would be great. Please remember it is any reading they do, not just out loud or with their school reading book. We hope this helps to foster a love of reading for pleasure.

Other information:

Please could you ensure that your child has their PE kit in school on their PE days? These are Monday and Thursday for Hazel Class and Tuesday and Thursday for Willow Class.


We’ve all had a lovely start to the new term in Year 3. The children are all settling in well to their new classes and getting to know their new classmates. Thank you for making sure they had everything they needed this week.

Our learning next:

We have been looking at times tables this week as this will be a major focus in Year 3 this term – and all year. We have been learning the songs from BBC Super Movers to help with fast recall of times tables. You could join in at home by Googling Super Mover times tables! Next week in maths we will be looking at place value.

In PSHE we have been learning about the brain and the Power of Yet! The idea is that our brains get stronger by trying new things, keeping trying and even by getting things wrong! The children are enjoying being neuroscientists!

In Guided Reading we are reading Flat Stanley, asking questions about the story and finding out what words mean. Next week in English we will be using the story to learn about improving descriptions with a focus on adverbs.

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt and next week we will be looking at continents, where Egypt is and what artefacts tell us about the past.

Home learning:

For the first few weeks we are not setting formal homework as we would like to have a focus on reading at home. It would be great if you could read with your child at least five times a week – this could be for as little as 10 minutes each time. The children will write the title of their book in their reading journal and if you could just write the page they read to and sign it that would be great. Could reading books and reading journals come to school every day please? Children on book bands will have one of these books but also a book from the classroom and they can choose what to read – they can also read a favourite book from home because any reading is good and can be written in the journal. The children will also be reading regularly at school.

Other information:

PE will be on a Monday and a Thursday. All children had a reading book from their classroom at the end of last term – could these be returned as soon as your child has finished reading them please?


We have had an amazing week this week celebrating and learning about the armed forces. Look out for the main weekly update for details of what we have been up to.

Learning next week:

We will be continuing to use all our fabulous knowledge about Market Harborough to produce our ‘Past, present and future’ leaflets about the town.

In maths we will be learning about telling the time, we would really appreciate it if you could reinforce this at home.


Home Learning:

To support our map work in Geography we would like the children to bring in a photograph or postcard of a place they have visited in the UK and/or abroad. We will then use these to help learn about the counties of the UK and countries around the world.



Wow, what a busy week we had last week! We completely immersed our selves in all things Harborough. With visits from the town planners, the historical society and Redrow Homes we were able to find out lots of interesting facts about our town in the past, the present and the future. Then our walk down to the town centre to do the town trail and visit the theatre finished our week perfectly.

Learning this week:

This week we will use all the things we learned about last week to create a leaflet showing Market Harborough in the past, the present and ideas for the future. We will also be writing to thank all the people who generously gave up their time last week.

In maths we will finish off our learning about fractions and then move on to telling the time.

Home learning:

As you know we are celebrating the work the armed forces do this week with a range of activities. We would like the children to find out if any one in your family, past or present, has been in the armed forces and find out their story. They can present their work in any way they choose and bring into school to share with the class.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


The children have been really enjoying thinking about development of places and we have been considering the development of Market Harborough and looking at maps this week. We have returned to fractions, looking at adding and subtracting fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and finding equivalent fractions – this will continue next week.

Our learning next week:

We have a very exciting week with visits from representatives from a developer, Harborough District Council and the Market Harborough Historical Society who will give talks on the development of Market Harborough in the past, present and what could happen in the future. In addition, we will be walking into the town centre and going on a Town Trail on the morning of Friday 22nd June (a further email will give full details on this.) If any other parents/carers would like to help on this trip we would be very grateful. Please just let us know.

Home learning:

We hope you enjoyed sharing your child’s book on plants with them. Thank you for so many positive reports – the children were so proud of their booklets! This week we would like your child to talk to members of the family about changes in Market Harborough – what it used to be like and what it is like now (or in their home town/ village if they didn’t grow up in Market Harborough). This will be shared with the class next week as part of our exciting week of talks.

Other information:

Willow class assembly is on 22nd June at 3.40 p.m., parents and families are very welcome to come and watch.



What a great week to come back to school!

Our learning next week:

We have had a bit of a break from fractions this week and have been looking at interpreting bar graphs but we will be returning to fractions next week, learning about equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions – it’s a good job the children love fractions so much!

Our English work this half term is very much tied into geography. We will be focussing on Market Harborough. Why this is a great place to live and what has changed and is still changing. We will also be learning about the counties around Leicestershire as well as significant rivers and mountains in the UK.

On the morning of Friday 22nd June we are hoping to arrange a walk around the town with visits to the museum and theatre to look at how the town has changed and we will be having some visitors to come into school and talk to us about the town, more details about this to follow.

If you would be able to come with us on 22.6.18 please let your child’s teacher know.

Home learning:

Last term the children wrote some brilliant non-fiction books about plants. The children will bring them home this week to share with you and get your feedback about what you can learn from reading their book.

Other information:

Willow class assembly is on 22nd June at 3.40 p.m., parents and families are very welcome to come and watch.