It’s been a short but very busy half-term which we have all thoroughly enjoyed – from the fantastic STEM week where we had exciting visitors to some wonderful writing about the Flower Man and some challenging maths which has including fractions and decimals. To finish the half-term we are looking at 3D shapes and their properties.

In the last half term of the year we will be looking at plants including what they need to grow well and looking closely at their parts. We will also be learning about the development of Market Harborough, to include how and why the town has changed – even in the living memory of the children! We are hoping to have some visitors to talk to the children about development in the town and some of the fascinating history of Market Harborough. We would welcome any information, stories or images you have about the town and how it’s changed as well! In addition, we are hoping to organise a trip into Market Harborough to do a ‘Town Trail’ and learn about the history of the Harborough Theatre. The date is to be confirmed, but we wondered if any parents, grandparents or carers were able to come along to help? If you are interested, please let us know and we will confirm dates as soon as possible.

Please enjoy the holiday and have a good rest! If you could encourage your child to continue to read and practise their times tables and spellings that would be great. Thank you so much for all your help over the year with this, it is really very much appreciated.


This week we have been looking at emotions and the stories behind the characters in our book The Flower man by Mark Ludy. The children have really enjoyed thinking about the characters just from looking at the evidence in the pictures. Next week we will be looking at the positive effect of the Flower Man and how a flower can change a life!

In maths we have been comparing fractions and next week we will be doing some revision on fractions including fractions of amounts.

This week we started our Vikings topic and the children have been looking for evidence about why the Vikings invaded – using a song. Next week we will look at why the Vikings settled and where they lived.

In science we are nearly at the end of our topic on sound and will be looking at soundproofing. The next topic will be plants.

We had a lovely mini concert with our recycled material instruments this week and we hope you enjoyed hearing your child’s music at home!

Once again, thank you for your help with reading, times tables and spelling at home. It makes such a difference when you practise these regularly with your child.


The Year 3 Team 


This week the children have been enjoying reading and writing about the epic Anglo-Saxon poem of Beowulf – they have loved the monsters in the story! They have written some scary poems using ‘Kennings’ which we’ve really enjoyed reading. Next week they will be writing character and setting descriptions to be used in their own epic story.

In maths we have begun learning about fractions and this will continue next week and will include lots of problem-solving and practical work.

Our history topic will finish next week, so if you could go through the attached Knowledge Organiser this weekend for homework, that would be great. The children have really enjoyed the topic so should hopefully be able to tell you lots about this period in history. 

In science the children enjoyed a ‘sound walk’ around the school – noticing any and all sounds they could hear. Next week we will be doing investigations on what sound travels through.

For home learning if you could continue with reading at home – which is making such a difference to your child’s learning – that would be great. Also if you could keep practising times tables that would be great – this is also having a great effect on their recall speed. 

Thank you so much for all your support with your child’s learning at home.


Thank you so much for all the resources the children have been bringing in ready for making instruments in science. We would still welcome more if you have any and these will go into a central area for the children to use. The things we need are:

Cardboard tubes, Plastic bottles, Uncooked rice and cereals, Wooden spoons (beaters), Small plastic Tupperware containers (labelled), Plastic bags (the noisier the better), Plastics forks and spoons,Straws, Gloves, Beads, Tin cans, Elastic bands, Lollipop sticks, Paper plates, Egg cartons, Cardboard,Foil trays, Bottle tops.

In maths this week we have worked on short division, using the bus-stop method and also enjoyed some alien problem-solving! Next week we will be starting to look at fractions.

In English we have been writing about daily life for Anglo-Saxons, including their homes, villages and work as well as writing reports on Sutton Hoo. Next week we will be starting to look at the epic Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf and writing Kennings poems about dragons. 

In history next week we will be looking at religion in Anglo-Saxon times and in science we will be looking how vibration makes sound.

Thank you to so many of you for the help you give your child with times tables – we’ve seen a real improvement for so many and it’s helping so much with their learning in maths. Thank you!


A big thank you to everyone who supported the Book Fair which finished this week. It was wonderful to see so many children getting excited about their reading!

Our Learning This Week

In maths we have been looking at missing number problems in division, relating division to multiplication, different ways to divide and dividing with remainders using a number line.

We have been doing writing through our new topic of the Anglo-Saxons, which the children are really enjoying. We have looked at the British History Timeline, why the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain and what life was like in Britain at the time.

In science we have finished our topic on the body by looking at how muscles work.

Our Learning Next Week

In maths we will be doing problem solving relating to division and starting to learn a formal method for division (long and short division using the ‘bus stop’ method).

In English we will continue to use our Anglo-Saxon topic as a stimulus for writing and looking at the amazing discoveries at Sutton Hoo.

In science we will be beginning our next topic on sound and continuing with our well-being sessions.

Home Learning

Please just carry on with reading, times tables and spelling. Also, don’t forget to get your child to bring in any work they do at home for our Thursday class assemblies. It’s been lovely sharing their work and achievements from home.

Other matters

We will be sending PE kits home today. Would it be possible for you to check your child has all the relevant kit and that their plimsolls and trainers fit? Also, in Hazel Class we will be going outside for netball (weather permitting), so could the children have a warm top in their PE kit as well?

Many thanks for all your support with your child’s learning!

The Year 3 Team


It’s been a busy and varied week in Year 3 with more work on writing descriptive stories based on ‘What’s behind the door’, missing numbers and working out the inverse and problem solving in maths. In addition we have started learning about the timeline of British History ready to start our history topic of the Anglo-Saxons.

Our learning next:

In maths we will continue to work on missing number problems using multiplication and division. We will be learning more about the Anglo-Saxons, including the discoveries at Sutton Hoo and using this knowledge to write reports. 

Home learning:

Please carry on with reading at home, Times Table Rock Stars and practising spellings at home. Thanks again for all your support with this.

Other things:

Could children in Willow Class all bring in an empty box such as a cereal box for a science activity next week?

We have included the timetables for both classes so our children know what they will be learning each day. Please be aware, though, that we sometimes change the timetable as necessary. 


It’s been a great half-term and although the children have worked hard, we hope they’ve also enjoyed the fun things we’ve done.

Our learning this week:

The children have been writing and improving their poems about what is behind The Door and they are marvellously imaginative and descriptive. We’ve really enjoyed reading them and will let you know when the display is finished so you can come and have a look.

In maths we are working on the grid method for multiplication and the children have been flying with this! Ask them to explain how we’ve done it to you so they can consolidate their understanding.

In science we have been looking at why animals have skeletons and what they are used for.

Our learning next:

After half-term we will be continuing with the grid method for multiplication and extending their ability to multiply bigger 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number by using regrouping (carrying numbers as it used to be called).

In English we will be looking at interesting doors and writing stories about the lands and adventures behind them.

In science we will be looking at how muscles work and how to make them work well.

Home learning:

We’re not giving any formal homework over half-term, but if you could carry on with times tables, reading and practising spellings with your child that would be great. Just a few minutes a day will make such a difference. 

Other information:

We are starting an Awards Class Assembly on Thursdays. We would like to invite the children to bring in any awards, certificates, medals for this. We always welcome seeing work the children have done at home and any exceptional work can also be presented at this assembly. We hope it will be a real celebration of the efforts children make over and above what is expected of them!


It was lovely to see so many of you at parents’ evening this week and to share your child’s progress and successes. We are very proud of them all. It’s also been lovely hearing the children’s poems and it’s great that so many were happy to recite them in front of the class.

In English we have been looking at poems and the children have performed the Boneyard Rap which was great fun! In maths we have been looking at the 4 and 8 times tables as well as the 3 and 6 times tables and using doubling to work them out. In Science we have continued to look at healthy lifestyles and giving scientific names to human bones.

Our learning next week:

We will continue with poems and the children will write their Door poems ready for a new corridor display. In maths we will begin the grid method for multiplication – a method you will be familiar with! In science we will be looking at the functions of a skeleton.

Home learning:

As we talked about in parents’ evening discussions, if you could carry on reading every day with your child and asking questions about their reading, including summarising a section, that would be great. In addition, practising daily on Times Table Rock Stars and also looking at spellings – focusing on Key Stage 1 words before moving onto Year 3 words. We really appreciate your support with this essential practice at home.

Thank you so much for sending in Pokémon cards in named packets in Hazel Class this week. It has worked very well.


It’s been a busy week in Year 3 and the children are really enjoying our visitors from Premier Sport who are teaching them about healthy lifestyles including nutrition and exercise. Please could children bring in any empty packets from treats or cereal packets ready for Monday’s session?

Our learning next:

The children have been learning strategies for halving and doubling 2-digit numbers and it would be great if your child could show you how to do it as teaching is a brilliant way to learn. 

We have been reading Funnybones by Allan Ahlberg, which the children have enjoyed but they’ve decided they could write a better version, which is what they’re going to do next week. As part of this they have been writing descriptions of the characters, new setting descriptions and learning how to write speech.

In science the children will continue to learn about healthy lifestyles and about the body, starting with types of skeletons.

Home learning:

For homework this week we are asking the children to write a conversation they have heard at home using correctly punctuated speech. We will send home a sheet with the steps to remember.

It would be great if you could encourage your child to practice on Times Table Rock Stars every day and read with them every day. Just a few minutes on both would really help their learning.


Willow Class PE days: Thursday and Friday

Hazel Class PE days: Monday and Thursday

Please check your bookshelves at home for any books from the reading libraries at school and bring them back.


You are certainly in for a treat if you’re coming to the Christmas Nativity Concert on Tuesday as the children’s singing and playing is wonderful!

Please can your child to bring in a Christmas jumper or a bright jumper to wear for the performance? They will wear this over their uniform. They won’t need one if they are part of the Nativity scene as they will have a costume.

One Tuesday evening, the children will need to be back in school between 5.30pm and 5.45pm to be ready for a 6pm start.

We’ve been continuing with our Christmas theme in English where the children have been writing about Sprout Boy’s feelings and their writing is very emotional. In maths they have been working on subtraction using a number line and deciding when this is the best method. They’ve also been correcting Yohan’s work and playing the part of the teacher which they really enjoy.

The children are enjoying our new topic of Rocks and Soils and are learning about erosion and how different types of rocks are formed.

Our learning next:

Next week the children will be using film clips to inspire their writing – again on a Christmas theme – with a focus on using subordinate conjunctions and different ways of starting sentences.

In maths we will be reviewing addition and subtraction as well as number bonds to 100.

With play rehearsals and performances as well as Christmas art activities, it will be a busy but fun end to the term.  

Home learning:

Thank you to so many of you for bringing in Reading Records on Monday and for recording your child’s reading in it so regularly – it would be great if they could come in every day.

We will be asking the children to take home two books for the holidays so their reading continues – and hopefully Santa will be bringing some too! Also, we’re offering a book amnesty for books in the class libraries – if you have any at home that your child has read, please send them back before the end of term.

We have send home our ‘knowledge organiser’ for Rocks and Soils which contains all the essential information they need for this topic. If you could read it and discuss it with your child that would be great. If they would like to do some research or investigations we would love to see their work!

Next week we will be doing our quick times table assessment to see how many they can calculate in one minute! If you could keep working on fast recall of times tables that would be great. Start with the 2s, 5s and 10s and then move onto 3s, 4s and 6s. It’s ideal if they get to the stage where they don’t have to count each time to get the answer. You could use the Times Table Rock Stars and also Hit the Button as well as chanting times tables and quick fire questions whenever you get the chance.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a good rest over the holidays! Thank you for all your support this term.