This Week

The children have been very busy this week completing their National tests (SATS). We still have one more to do next week.  We will catch up with the children who have been absent and make sure that they complete the relevant papers before half term.

We have started our new topic “Towers, Turrets and Tales of old” and have thought about where the best place to build a castle would be.  We will then move onto labelling the different parts of a castle and discussing the importance of each feature.

In maths we have enjoyed working with each other to solve problems.

Next Week

Our work on Castles will continue and we will be writing descriptions.  In maths we will be looking at division and learning the strategies to work out a number problem.  Lots of children have managed to log on to Times Tables Rockstars – this is really good at reinforcing the relationship between multiplication and division.

We will be having a spelling test next week – please encourage your child to practise the words that are listed in the front of their reading journal.

The KS1 sports day is scheduled to be in the morning of the 6th June.  We will send out information nearer the time with regards to times.

Home Activities

Please continue to encourage your child to read at home regularly and write any comments in their reading record.

Try and beat your score on Times Tables Rockstars – the teachers will be checking next week to see who has the highest score in each class!

Practise spelling the words as indicated above.

Other information

Some children are coming to school without a drink and we haven’t always got any spare cups in the classrooms.  Please can all children bring a named water bottle to school?


This week

We had a fun, but messy, day on Monday when the children created their desert buggies. Their challenge was to make them move using wheels and axles. Some did and some didn’t!

We then wrote a set of instructions to explain how to make them.

Also in English this week we have read lots of different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and have begun to think about how we could change the characters and setting in the story to write our own versions.  We have looked closely at how all of the four different sentence types are used and will be trying to include these in our own stories next week.

In maths, we have been working with subtraction and have worked out problems using the expanded column method.  We have also been using part-whole models to help us work out missing number problems as well as looking at the inverse of calculations.

Next week

We will be completing our alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood at the beginning of the week.

Our science topic at the moment is “Animals, including humans.” We will be looking at what we need to do/eat in order to be healthy.

Over the weekend, we would like the children to keep a record of what they eat and drink, including any snacks.  This could, for example, be presented in a table under the headings – breakfast, lunch tea.  We don’t mind how the diary is presented as long as we have the information for the children to work with.

One of our lessons next week involves looking at the different food types/groups so could each child bring an empty (and clean) item of food packaging e.g – a packet, box, bottle or tin.  Please make sure that these haven’t contained any nuts or peanuts as we do have some children with allergies.


We have a number of children in both classes who aren’t changing their reading book regularly even though they are reminded every day.  Please encourage your children to read lots at home in order to develop their and comprehension. This is particularly helpful for your child in the run up to SATS



This week…

This week we have been writing a non-chronological report about meerkats.

We have researched lots of facts and have used these in our writing.  The children have been encouraged to use conjunctions in their sentences – when, but, because, so, if.

In maths we have continued to solve calculations using the expanded column method.  We have also looked at the greater than and less than signs to compare numbers/ calculations.

Next week

We are looking at the story Little Red Riding Hood and will starting to write our own version by changing the characters.

We will be using the expanded column method to help work out subtraction number sentences.  We will also be working out calculations with missing numbers.

Home Activities

Your child has brought home today their design for a desert buggy.  We will be having a ‘making day’ on Monday where the children will be creating their buggy! Please could you talk to your child about their design and help them to gather any resources that they need.  We have the wheels and axles at school for all children to use, they will just need to bring in small boxes to build their model with. We have spoken to the children about this so they all should know what to do.

All children have been given a login and details for the website Times Tables rock stars.  Well done to the children who have had a go!

Year 2 – 23/3/18

This week…
This week we have continued to look at the Wizard of Oz and have been writing character descriptions in English. We are trying to encourage the children to start their sentences in different ways.
We have had a measuring week in maths and have explored length, capacity and weight. The children have been reading scales to find how long something is, how much liquid is in a container and how many grams/kilograms different objects weigh.
In our topic work we have looked at how we can protect our planet.

After the Easter holiday…

We will be looking at the book Meerkat Mail and will be writing non-chronological reports about meerkats.

Home Activities

Please continue to hear your child read regularly and practise spelling the words that are in the front of their reading journal.
We have sent a maths activity home today, which reinforces the year 2 maths curriculum and is what we have taught this term. If you feel that some of the calculations are too tricky for your child then please feel free to change them!
As we are learning about meerkats after Easter we would like the children, if possible, to find out some interesting facts about them. We will then share these together during the first week back.

We hope you all have a lovely break.

Thank you

The Year 2 Team

Year 2 – 16/3/18

This week…

We have continued with our continents and oceans topic and this week we have looked at the Wizard of Oz, which is set in North America. The children have written descriptions about the Emerald City.

In Computing we have used the Google Earth to locate different countries, seas, oceans, continents, mountains and deserts.

In maths we have continued to learn about time. Some children are still struggling with telling the time to quarter past/to so any help with this at home would be greatly appreciated.

Next Week…

We will be continuing with our work on the Wizard of Oz in our English lessons. In maths, we will be learning about the different ways that we can measure – including length, weight and capacity.

Home Activities

Please continue to hear your child read regularly and practise spelling the words that are in the front of their reading journal.

We are trying to develop the children’s instant recall of number facts and have been looking at near doubles this week. The following is a link to a game we have played to support this… http://www.ictgames.com/dinosaurDentist/index.html

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