We have had a very busy week this week and the children are settling very well into the routines and expectations of Year 2.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been exploring some books by Oliver Jeffers and have incorporated aspects of these into our written work.  We have been learning how to improve our sentences and add more detail by using expanded noun phrases.  The children are also learning how to use a comma when writing a list.

In maths we have continued with our place value work and have been thinking about where different numbers appear on number lines.  We have just started to look at  addition involving two-digit numbers and will be continuing with this next week.

In our topic work we have been learning about human and physical features of an area.  We have compared the different features of the seaside to Market Harborough.

We are working really hard on trying to improve handwriting skills – of both letters and numbers. We would really appreciate your help with this.  We need to make sure that the majority of children are able to write their letters correctly before we can move onto learning how to join.  We will be sending home some handwriting activities for the children who need to practice and improve correct letter formation.

Next week, in both our English and Topic work, we will be starting to learn about a famous explorer. We will let the children tell you all about this person next week!

Home Activities

Your child has been given a maths home activity sheet today.  This is designed to practise and reinforce basic number skills as well as reinforcing some aspects of maths that we have done in our lessons.   Some children may find the calculations easy, but our aim is that they can instantly recall addition and subtraction calculations without having to spend time working them out.

Just a reminder that the children can change their reading book on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If they wish to change their reading book on these days then they need to put it in the box in their classroom first thing in the morning.  We do not always manage to hear children read individually during the week but they all take part in a guided reading session which is designed to develop their comprehension skills.


We are planning on having a spelling test at the end of next week and would like the children to learn how to spell the numbers from one to ten as well as the following colour words – red, blue, yellow, brown, black, green.  

Other information

Please could you encourage your child not to bring toys to school?  We have a lot of children bringing things in which have caused arguments outside and distractions in the classroom.  Our timetable is very full and we rarely have time to ‘show and tell.’  Children are welcome to bring in books etc that are related to what we are learning about and we will always make time to discuss these.

If anybody would like to come into school to hear children read then please let us know!  We would really appreciate having someone to work with children in both classes on a Wednesday afternoon. Please just pop in to see your child’s teacher if you are interested.


We have had a very busy week in Year 2 and we are sure that the children are ready for a weekend!  Most of the children have now settled into the routine of what is expected in Year 2 and we have been thinking about being Ready, Responsible and Respectful.

Our topic this term is called “What and where can we explore?”  This week we have started to explore books written by Oliver Jeffers and have focussed on the story How To Catch A Star.  We have started to use the co-ordinating conjunction ‘but’ in our sentences.  We have also explored colour mixing and have painted a colour wheel with primary and secondary colours.

In maths we have continued to look at the place value of 2-digit numbers and have been comparing and ordering them.  We have introduced the symbols for greater than and less than ( >   <) and have had fun writing them outside on the playground with chalks.

The children met our new PE coach, Mr Orr, this week and enjoyed their first session with him.

Next week we will be continuing with place value in maths and with stories by Oliver Jeffers in English.  We will also be looking at human and physical features of places in our Geography work.

We have sent reading books home today to the children who have returned them from Year 1.  We are still waiting for a few children to return their books before we can issue them with another.  Please write in your child’s reading journal if they have read at home.  We are waiting for some new reading journals to be delivered so if your child hasn’t got one at the moment please don’t worry!

Next week is our open evening and at the beginning of each block of time we will briefly share with you the National Expectations for children in Year 2.

Please can you make sure that your children’s jumpers/cardigans are labelled with their name? We already have an accumulation of unnamed clothing!  We will keep these on the lunch trolley so please have a look through if your child has lost one.



Welcome to Year 2!

As the children are beginning to settle into the routine of Year 2 we would just like to inform you of a few important things.

Reading books

In Year 2 the children are able to change their reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  At the moment we are listening to every child read and will adjust their book band level if needed.  We are amazed at how well all children are reading and how fluent they are.  Comprehension and the understanding of vocabulary is important in year 2 so we will be assessing your child on this as they read their books to us.  Some children haven’t yet brought back to school their six books that they were given at the end of year 1 so please could you encourage your child to bring them back next week along with their green reading journal.  Some children have said that they have lost books so we would really appreciate it If you could have a look at home and return any that you find in order for us to have enough for both year 1 and year 2.


P.E lessons are on Tuesdays and Wednesday.  Please make sure that your child has plimsolls or trainers in their P.E. bag  as they need to wear these in the sports hall.  If your child has their ears pierced, they need to either leave earrings at home on P.E. days or learn to remove them.  If this is not possible then please send them to school with some micropore tape which they can cover their earrings with. They need to be able to do this themselves.

Collection arrangements

Please let us know if your child is regularly collected from school by a child minder or after school provider so we can make a note of this.

Please could every child also have a named water bottle at school.

We look forward to seeing to all next week


We have had a very busy week this week – particularly with the visit from Ofsted!

We have continued with our topic “Enchanted Forest’ this week and we have created our own magical land that could be at the top of the Faraway Tree. We have written descriptions and drawn detailed pictures of our new lands.

In Maths we have used our reasoning skills to solve maths problems using addition.

Next week

Our transition sessions are Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.  The children will need to be picked up from their new Year 3 classrooms at the end of the day on Monday, and dropped off there on Tuesday morning.  At the end of the day on Tuesday they will need to be collected from their current year 2 classrooms.

We will be collecting all reading books in on Monday so please can you make sure that your child has their book at school.  On the transition days your child will be encouraged to choose a book from their new classroom to read over the holiday and this should be returned at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

We still have some children coming to school without a drinks bottle and with this current weather and the very warm temperatures in the classroom we are encouraging the children to drink lots.  Please can you make sure that your child has a bottle that they can refill at school every day.



This week we have learned a lot about the armed forces as well as having fun on an assault course.  We have also been on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds and have even designed our own minibeast!   As part of our science work we have planted some cress seeds and are observing their growth over a few days.  We have placed them in different places to see how their growth is affected.

In maths we have been adding together two 3-digit numbers using different strategies.

Next week

We are enjoying listening to and reading ‘The Enchanted Wood’ by Enid Blyton.  We will be designing our own lands that could be at the top of the faraway tree.

In maths we will be using strategies that we have learned to help us to solve number problems.

Home Activities

We have sent home a sheet for the children to practise their joined handwriting.

Other Information

We still have children who are not bringing a drinks bottle to school.  Please could you make sure that your child has a named bottle at school that they can fill up during the day.


This week

We have had a very busy week this week!  Lots of children enjoyed sharing what they had learnt about knights and this was then used in a writing activity.  We haven’t painted our shields yet but will do so in the next week.

We all really enjoyed our trip to Warwick Castle – we hope that your children have told you all about it!

We have started looking at the place value of 3-digit numbers.  We have used equipment to partition a number into hundreds, tens and ones.

Next week

We will be continuing learning about 3-digit numbers – ordering, partitioning and adding them together.

In English we will be reading the story “Pea and the Princess” and will be using it to inspire our writing.

Home Activity

We are working hard on trying to improve our handwriting.  We have sent home some handwriting sheets for all children to practise.

Other information

We have noticed that lots of children are bringing toys to school again which is causing upset and arguments at playtime.  They are told to keep them in their bags but they somehow sneak out at playtimes! Please can you make sure that toys are kept at home safely?!


This week

We have continued with our topic “Towers, turrets and tales of old” this week and have been learning about how castles were built to defend themselves as well as how they were attacked. We have written descriptions, labelled diagrams and watched videos.

We have also enjoyed working with a partner to paint a large castle scene.

Sports Day was great this week and we are proud of how the children showed good sportsmanship and cheered their house on. Well done to Swallowtail for being the overall winners!

Next week

We are really looking forward to our trip to Warwick Castle next week. Fingers crossed that the weather is good for us!

There are a number of children in each class that we have not yet received consent for in order for us to be able to take them out of school.  Please can you make sure that your consent has been given as soon as possible. This is done through ParentPay.

If you have ordered a school packed lunch for your child then please make sure that you send your child with a drink.  We will send further details out about the timings of the day at the beginning of next week.


Home activity

We have sent home a sheet asking the children to design a shield and to find out five interesting facts about knights to support our learning next week.


This Week

The children have been very busy this week completing their National tests (SATS). We still have one more to do next week.  We will catch up with the children who have been absent and make sure that they complete the relevant papers before half term.

We have started our new topic “Towers, Turrets and Tales of old” and have thought about where the best place to build a castle would be.  We will then move onto labelling the different parts of a castle and discussing the importance of each feature.

In maths we have enjoyed working with each other to solve problems.

Next Week

Our work on Castles will continue and we will be writing descriptions.  In maths we will be looking at division and learning the strategies to work out a number problem.  Lots of children have managed to log on to Times Tables Rockstars – this is really good at reinforcing the relationship between multiplication and division.

We will be having a spelling test next week – please encourage your child to practise the words that are listed in the front of their reading journal.

The KS1 sports day is scheduled to be in the morning of the 6th June.  We will send out information nearer the time with regards to times.

Home Activities

Please continue to encourage your child to read at home regularly and write any comments in their reading record.

Try and beat your score on Times Tables Rockstars – the teachers will be checking next week to see who has the highest score in each class!

Practise spelling the words as indicated above.

Other information

Some children are coming to school without a drink and we haven’t always got any spare cups in the classrooms.  Please can all children bring a named water bottle to school?


This week

We had a fun, but messy, day on Monday when the children created their desert buggies. Their challenge was to make them move using wheels and axles. Some did and some didn’t!

We then wrote a set of instructions to explain how to make them.

Also in English this week we have read lots of different versions of Little Red Riding Hood and have begun to think about how we could change the characters and setting in the story to write our own versions.  We have looked closely at how all of the four different sentence types are used and will be trying to include these in our own stories next week.

In maths, we have been working with subtraction and have worked out problems using the expanded column method.  We have also been using part-whole models to help us work out missing number problems as well as looking at the inverse of calculations.

Next week

We will be completing our alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood at the beginning of the week.

Our science topic at the moment is “Animals, including humans.” We will be looking at what we need to do/eat in order to be healthy.

Over the weekend, we would like the children to keep a record of what they eat and drink, including any snacks.  This could, for example, be presented in a table under the headings – breakfast, lunch tea.  We don’t mind how the diary is presented as long as we have the information for the children to work with.

One of our lessons next week involves looking at the different food types/groups so could each child bring an empty (and clean) item of food packaging e.g – a packet, box, bottle or tin.  Please make sure that these haven’t contained any nuts or peanuts as we do have some children with allergies.


We have a number of children in both classes who aren’t changing their reading book regularly even though they are reminded every day.  Please encourage your children to read lots at home in order to develop their and comprehension. This is particularly helpful for your child in the run up to SATS



This week…

This week we have been writing a non-chronological report about meerkats.

We have researched lots of facts and have used these in our writing.  The children have been encouraged to use conjunctions in their sentences – when, but, because, so, if.

In maths we have continued to solve calculations using the expanded column method.  We have also looked at the greater than and less than signs to compare numbers/ calculations.

Next week

We are looking at the story Little Red Riding Hood and will starting to write our own version by changing the characters.

We will be using the expanded column method to help work out subtraction number sentences.  We will also be working out calculations with missing numbers.

Home Activities

Your child has brought home today their design for a desert buggy.  We will be having a ‘making day’ on Monday where the children will be creating their buggy! Please could you talk to your child about their design and help them to gather any resources that they need.  We have the wheels and axles at school for all children to use, they will just need to bring in small boxes to build their model with. We have spoken to the children about this so they all should know what to do.

All children have been given a login and details for the website Times Tables rock stars.  Well done to the children who have had a go!