As this academic year comes to a close, we have been reflecting on the achievements of our wonderful Year 1 pupils.

Late last August, the children made the transition to Year 1 all bright eyed and bushy tailed. They had made a fantastic start in Foundation Stage and were ready to start on the next step of their academic career. During those first few weeks, the children played, they learned new routines and they began a new formal way of learning with whole class lessons. They built some new friendships and started to adjust.

In the beginning, they put pencil to paper and started to build words and write a sentence. Fast forward a few months and the children are now writing diary extracts linked to Macbeth! You can imagine our pride yesterday when we put their books into their book bags for the final time and looked back on their progress across this year. They have all worked so hard and their achievements have been richly deserved.

They have learned to add, subtract, multiply and divide. They have started to learn to tell the time and recognise more shapes. They have learned about the world around us. They have leaned about major world religions and how they affect daily lives. They have learned new songs and poems. They have continued to learn about the value of friendships and how to look after friends.

Every day, they have greeted us with smiles and enthusiasm about the day ahead. They have shared their exciting news from home and asked questions about what we are going to learn. In essence, they have grown and are now ready for the next adventures ahead!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support with their home learning, with hearing them read at school and coming on school trips. We very much value that ongoing relationship between school and home.

We wish all of the children a happy and productive year ahead in Year 2. Have a wonderful summer.


It has been a lovely week and the children have continued to work hard despite the hot weather.

Their Macbeth writing has been stunning. They have written their own spells for the witches. In Maths, we have completed our unit of work on telling the time and the children have shown some really good understanding. In Science, we have been keeping our eye on the results of the cress experiment to find our which conditions the seeds have grown best in.

Next week, we will send summer holiday packs of books home. In order to prepare for this, we have collected all the books that were in school with your children today. Please return the pack on the first day back of the Autumn Term to your child’s new teacher. They will then be awarded with a certificate for their efforts.

On Monday and Tuesday next week, the children will spend some time with their new teachers. After school on Monday, please collect your child from the Year 2 mobiles and drop them back off there on Tuesday morning. They will return to Year 1 at lunchtime on Tuesday so pick up that day will be outside the Year 1 classrooms.



This week in English, we have begun looking at Macbeth and have been overwhelmed by the positive responses we have had from the children. They have been taking part in lots of drama games and have started to write some brilliant description sentences to describe a battle.

In maths, we have been learning about time and are focusing on o’clock and half past. It would be brilliant if children can start practising reading the time at home and begin to relate time to activities during the day e.g. what time do I brush my teeth? What time do I wake up? Etc.

We have been continuing learning about different sounds in phonics and having been looking at alternative /ar/ sounds such as /al/ in almond, /ar/ in car, /a/ in bath and /au/ in draught. We have discussed with the children how sometimes people may not pronounce this as an /ar/ sound but may say it as an /a/ sound instead.

You may have noticed that you have received your child’s phonics report this week. We are very pleased with their efforts and would like to say thank you for all the additional support that has been given at home. All children have made brilliant progress since the start of the year and should be proud of their results!

Our topic we are learning about at the moment is plants and please could we ask that the children, if possible, bring in some leaves early next week to share with the class. Due to the hot weather, it is also important that children are bringing in sun hats or suncream.


Thank you for your support with all the reading at home and keep up the brilliant work!



This week, we have continue learning about plants. The children have produced some beautiful Van Gogh style sunflower paintings and, in Science, they have planted cress seeds in different conditions to see which ones grow the best.

In Maths, the children have been learning about money. They have found some of it fairly challenging so any play-based activities that they could do at home would be superb. They need to recognise different coins and make different amounts of money using the coins.

In English, they have finished their Gigantic fruit and vegetable stories. We were delighted with their efforts. They have pulled out all the stops to include sentence punctuation and a range of adjectives.

Next week, we are starting a two-week unit of work based on Macbeth. Mrs Ellis has been involved in an exciting project run by The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford. They have trained teachers in exciting methods of teaching Shakespeare to younger children. Obviously, some elements of Macbeth are a little gory but please be assured that we have carefully selected appropriate materials. We will emphasise that it is a fictional story just like a fairy story.

Please ensure that your child continues to read regularly at home and change their books often.

Many thanks for attending Parents’ Evening. It has been lovely to talk to you all about your child’s progress in Year 1.

We shall look forward to seeing some of you at the picnic on Monday for Armed Forces Week.


We have had a lovely week. The children have all tried so hard in their phonics tests and we are so proud of them. Many thanks for all of your wonderful support with learning the words at home. We will find out the pass mark in a couple of weeks and will inform you after this as to whether your child has passed or will need to re-sit it next year.

In Maths. we have continued to learn about division and have looked at halves and quarters. Next week, we will be learning about positional language e.g. above, under, next to. We will also be learning about half and quarter turns.

In English, we have been reading, ‘The Gigantic Turnip’. The children have started writing their own versions of the story.

We shall very much look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you at Parents’ Evening next week.



Thank you so much for supporting our KS1 Sports Day on Wednesday morning by sending the children into school with a coloured T-shirt and by coming to watch the races. We were delighted with the children’s behaviour and good sporting attitudes.

Next week, the children will be tested on their phonic understanding. Each child will work with their class teacher on a one to one basis in a quiet room in school. You will be informed later this term as to whether or not your children has passed or will need a little more practise before attempting it again in Year 2. They have all tried so hard with their phonics this year and we are truly proud of each and every one of them.

In Maths this week, we have been learning more about division through the concept of sharing into equal groups. The children have been dividing sets of objects between 2, 3 and 4. Next week, we will start learning about fractions of shapes and amounts-halves and quarters.

In our topic work, we are continuing to learn about plants. We will be testing out which conditions plants need to grow over the next couple of weeks.

The weather is a little mixed at the moment and the children still need a lightweight coat in school most days. On warmer days, the children need to bring suncream and a sunhat.


We have been busy this week as ever with our learning. The children have been writing lots and are very proud of their progress. They have responded to a book called, ‘The Day The Crayons Came Home’ by writing thank you letters to Duncan and describing a room in the fort he made for them. They have even started to do a little bit of editing of letter formation, spellings and punctuation. This is something we will continue to develop and encourage.

Maths has been fun but challenging this week. We have developed a bit more understanding of multiplication by linking repeated addition, groups of and times sentences e.g. 2+2+2=6, 3 groups of 2 is 6, 3 x2=6. The children have been drawing arrays to show this. You can look up example images online if you want to support your child at home further.

In Phonics lessons over the next couple of weeks we are going to revise the sounds we have been learning this year.

We have been preparing for our trip next week by making some posters celebrating our lovely market. The children are all very excited. Thank you so much to all of you who have volunteered to come and help out on Tuesday.


The children have been really settled and focussed on their learning this week.In English, we have been learning about singular and plural words and using the suffixes-s and -es. We have also started reading and writing about a super book called, ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’. Next week, the children will be writing letters from the crayons to the boy who owns them, Duncan.In Topic lessons, we have been comparing Market Harborough with a South African town called Port Elizabeth, the home town of the children we wrote letters to last week. In Maths, we have continued learning about multiplication by doing repeated addition. We are delighted with how well the children have picked up this idea.In Phonics next week we will be learning the /ue/ sound spelt (unit 21). We will send some words for the children to practise at home as well as their usual reading.We have noticed this week once again that many of our children are still struggling with scissor skills and can’t hold the scissors to cut efficiently. Any practise that they could do at home would be very helpful. If your child is left handed, they will probably need to use left handed scissors.Thank you to those of you who have kindly agreed to come and help us on the market trip. We are looking for one more person to help out. Please let the office know if you can spare the time


Another busy week has passed us by in Year 1 and a lovely one too.

We have started our new topic learning about Market Harborough. As part of this topic, we will be taking the children to visit the indoor market. A separate email will give you further details. One of the first things we will learn about is the differences and similarities between our town and one in South Africa called Port Elizabeth. With great excitement, this week the children received individual letters from children at a school in Port Elizabeth where Mrs Watkins’ daughter was lucky enough to complete a recent teaching placement. Our children have written replies which we will post back to South Africa.

In this last term, we are now expecting the children to write with increasing independence, write longer amounts, use neat handwriting and punctuate sentences with capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks when appropriate. We also are encouraging them to use their phonic knowledge to help them spell words.

In Maths, we are starting to learn about multiplication. We do this initially by taking about repeating addition e.g. 3 x 2 would be talked about as 3 lots of 2 or 2+2+2. We use practical equipment e.g. counters and straws to help us and pictorial representations as well. At home, it would be great to encourage your children to count in 2’s and 5’s and keep practising their number bonds to 20 e.g. 12 and 8, 17 and 2.

In P.E. we have been using the large apparatus in the hall to encourage different ways of travelling and balancing. The children are thoroughly enjoying these sessions.

Next week in our phonic lessons we will be learning the /air/ sound e.g. in chair. The alternative spellings for this sound are: air, are, ear, ere, eir, ayer and ayor. In your phonics pack there is a word list for you to refer to under unit 20. We are thrilled with the phonic ability of our Year 1’s. We really can’t thank you enough for all the home support you are offering. It really does make the world of difference.

Please continue to read at home as often as is possible but at least three times each week. The children have been much better this week at changing their books but some children have only changed their book once or not at all.



We have had a lovely week in Year 1 learning all about Spring.

Next week we will be continuing to look at addition and subtraction in maths. The children are growing in confidence with their addition facts, which is helping them to answer questions more fluently.

In English next week we will be having an exciting time writing letters back to children from a school in South Africa, which Mrs Watkins has very kindly arranged! We will be focusing on the -ing suffix and looking at how to form questions sentences.

Next week we will also be introducing our new topic which is Market Harborough! Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the important features of the town, aerial photographs and hopefully visiting the market.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the support you have given at home regarding phonics. We have seen a big improvement in children’s ability to read both the real and aliens words and it is lovely to see them really grow in confidence with their reading.

Please could we remind you to urge your child to change their books often at school so that they are reading a variety of books in order to help their fluency. Our aim is for them to be changing their books at least three times a week.