Year 1 – 23/3/18

We have had a lovely week in Year 1 to end the Spring Term. We often show examples of children’s work to the whole class to remind them of how much progress they have made since they started this academic year. Even though we are all looking forward to a little break over Easter, we are also very excited about the Summer Term and the final aspects of learning that we will cover. Our topics for the next term are: Spring, Summer, Plants and Market Harborough. We are hoping to go on a couple of trips. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go ahead with a planned trip this term to Leicester on the train due to staff shortages at Leicester Station.

In English this week, the children have been writing descriptions of magical settings based on our book called, ‘The Magic Train Ride’. As always, we aim to secure understanding of technical aspects of writing e.g. punctuation and spelling alongside developing a ‘writer’s voice’ i.e. engaging the reader by using interesting vocabulary.

In maths, we have been learning about subtraction within 20. We have used number lines and cubes to help us visualise the process.

In phonics, we have been consolidating understanding of the /ie/ sound as in tie, blind, smile, high and why. Next term, we will be sending out some weekly phonics home learning whereby children will have words of the week to practise reading.

In ICT, we have continued to learn about simple programming using Beebots to follow our instructions.

In R.E, the children have been learning about what Easter means to Christians.

Over the Easter holidays, where possible, please continue daily reading with your child. They are all working so hard with their reading and we are so proud of them. Also, we have sent home a new set of tricky words for the children to learn to spell.

Have a super Easter break.

Kind Regards, the Year 1 Team

Year 1 – 16/3/18

We have had a busy week in Year 1 this week and have enjoyed beginning to learn about our new topic of trains. Thank you to the parents and carers of Cherry Class for coming along to support the children for their class assembly on Friday. Cherry Class had a great time doing it!

In Maths, we have been beginning to look at subtraction within 20. Most of the strategies we teach the children are really dependent on a good knowledge of place value. We are encouraging children to say how many tens and ones are in different numbers when they see them. For example, if we spot the number 16 we ask the children to verbalise that this is 1 ten and 6 ones. It would be great if children could continue to practise this at home to really build their confidence and fluency in place value.

In English, we have kicked off our train topic with a book called ‘The Magic Train Ride’. We have really focused on capital letter and full stops this week and have encouraged the children to think about what makes a sentence a sentence! We have enjoyed experimenting with different sentence lengths and are starting to use capital letters and full stops in our writing more consistently. It is really important for children to verbalise their sentences before writing them so that they have a clear understanding of where to put their full stops.

This week in phonics we have been encouraging the children to sound out unfamiliar words rather than guessing what they might be. Please could you do the same at home and continue using the resources we sent home in the pack at Parents’ Evening.

This week we have checked the children’s spelling of the tricky words and we will be sending home updated spellings for them to learn. Please could you practise these regularly at home and we will retest them shortly. We have seen lots of improvement in most of their spellings of these words and can see that the children have been working hard at home to practise these. Thank you for all your support in this!

We use show and tell at the start of Year 1 to help to develop children’s speaking and listening skills. After the Easter holiday we be focussing on sharing our work and class discussion which is even more beneficial in developing speaking and listening. If children have something special to bring in such as a certificate, photographs or a special event or work they have done at home they are still welcome them to bring them in and will endeavour to find time to celebrate the children’s achievements throughout the school day, but we won’t be doing show and tell as a regular class activity.

After the Easter holiday children will be learning about christening in RE. If your child was christened and has something memorable such as a candle or photograph from this they are welcome to bring these in so that they can be shared with the rest of the class.

Finally, a very big thank you from Year 1 and the rest of the school for the support that has been given to the book fair. The money raised will be of great benefit to the children and the school.

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