Meadowdale Primary School opened on 10th January 2001. It was built to serve the new estates between Rockingham Road and Kettering Road in Market Harborough.

The campaign to have a new school was headed by the Governors of nearby Little Bowden Primary School, which was struggling to accommodate all the extra children from the new houses. By the time the decision to build a new school was reached the only patch of land available was a long thin strip bordering Rockingham Road which is why Meadowdale’s building is long and thin.


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Mrs Sue Hunnings was appointed as the first Headteacher in May 2000 and the first turf was finally cut in June 2000. Later that  year a millennium stone, donated by the builders, was place above the hall and unveiled by some of the future pupils.

The local area had been strip field farming in the 1700’s and some of the roads on the estates are named after the fields. The governors decided to name the school after one of the fields. Initially three names were selected and a competition was run in the local paper to make the final decision. Meadowdale was chosen and subsequently the council named the road after the school. So Meadowdale Primary School became situated on Meadowdale Road.

As the council had stipulated that the outside of the school should be painted green, it was decided that the school uniform should also be bottle green. The logo of the butterfly was based on the Meadow Butterfly but the colour was changed to make it more interesting and distinctive for the uniform.

The school opened with 42 children organised into a Reception year class and a Year 1/2 class. The school quickly grew and soon temporary classroom units had to be added. Now Meadowdale has nearly 400 children in 14 classes. What a difference!

Meadowdale Primary School in 2008

Meadowdale Primary School in 2010Our school continues to grow and develop. The school building was extended in 2009 to add new classrooms for Year 6 and Foundation Stage. The Harborough and Bowdens Charity funded an outdoor classroom which is used as an outdoor learning space and seating area.  In January 2015 we were delighted to open our sports hall, which is used by the school during school hours and hired out to community users during evenings and weekend, and in Spring 2017 we received funding from the Tesco Bags of Help grant scheme, with additional funds from MSA, to build a sensory garden.