We have continued with our ‘space’ theme this week and have been working with the book ‘Man on The Moon.’  The children have really enjoyed this story and have been eager to try and help Bob (the main character) to advertise visits to the moon! We have explored how we can make people interested in going for a visit and have planned what we could write in our own leaflet.  We will be completing these next week and will hopefully put them on display in our classrooms.

In maths we have started to make the link between repeated addition and multiplication.  We have worked quite practically and will be carrying on with this learning next week.

In our phonics and spelling work we have been learning how to add the ‘er’ and ‘est’ suffix to the end of words and are remembering previously learned rules really well.

Next week

We will be completing our leaflets to advertise trips to the moon! We are then moving onto writing longer narratives and will be using ‘Christmas adverts’ as a visual stimulus.

We will also be starting our Materials topic in Science.

Other notes

On Monday, we will be sending some children home with words to practise for our Christmas assembly.  All children have been given a sheet with song words – please could you help them to practise these? If you don’t know the tune to the song, then just reading the words will be really helpful.

When the children leave school at the end of the day please could all parents/carers make sure that the children are not climbing over the fence into the adventure trail area.  This is not allowed in the school day and we would like to make sure that this is a consistent message between home and school.