This week we have continued with learning about meerkats.  We have carried out research, have grouped similar sentences together and have learnt how to organise a non-chronological report.  Today, we have started to write our own reports and will be having another look at them on Monday to do some editing and redrafting. We have been encouraging the children to use punctuation such as commas, possessive apostrophes, apostrophes for contractions, question marks and of course capital letters and full stops in the right place! 

In phonics we have looked at the difference between there and their and encouraging correct use of this in their writing. 

In maths we have been reinforcing the strategies that we have taught this year to calculate number problems.  We will be continuing with this next week.

In English next week we will be looking at how we can edit and improve our writing. We will also be looking at the story Lost and Found and will be hopefully be writing our own version of the story.

Home activities

We have sent home a maths activity today.

We would also like the children to learn to spell the words that are in the front of their green reading record book.