In maths, we have continued our learning about shape by focusing on perimeter and area. The children have learnt the difference between the two and practised drawing and finding the perimeter and area of rectangles. We also challenged the children to solve problems and find perimeters and areas of compound shapes. 

In English we have continued to use the film, The Birthday Boy as a stimulus for writing. The children produced a piece of descriptive writing based on the character’s flashback to the events in the war. They then learnt about the features of a newspaper and planned a report about the events of the Korean War specifically relating to the village and character in the film. The children discussed possible headlines, images that could be used and the captions for these as well as think about quotes that the character might give for the newspaper article. 

We have continued with creating our Aztec masks in our topic work and have used feathers, sequins and gems to decorate them. 

Please support your child in choosing an activity from the homework menu this week. If you are able, please continue to help your child practise the Year 5 spelling words from the lists that were given out in the Autumn and Spring term.