We have had a lovely sunny week in Year 1 and have enjoyed looking at the geography of our school through marking areas on a map. We will continue to look at maps within our topic work and start to look at changes over time e.g. the addition of houses, buildings and roads. 

We have once again been revising some of our previously learned sounds and next week will be focussing on the sounds:  /ure/, /ue/ and three letter consonant blends which many of the children struggle with such as /str/ in stripe and /spl/ in splat. 

In English, we will be extending our use of adjectives in sentences, using exclamation marks and writing letters.

In maths, we are continuing our work on multiplication. We will be drawing picture representations called arrays to show our workings and talking about how many groups of something there are. For example, in 3 x 5 there are 3 groups of 5 or 5 groups of 3. 

Thank you to the parents that have already volunteered to help with the market trip. We are still looking for additional volunteers if anyone is able to help.