This week we have been looking at emotions and the stories behind the characters in our book The Flower man by Mark Ludy. The children have really enjoyed thinking about the characters just from looking at the evidence in the pictures. Next week we will be looking at the positive effect of the Flower Man and how a flower can change a life!

In maths we have been comparing fractions and next week we will be doing some revision on fractions including fractions of amounts.

This week we started our Vikings topic and the children have been looking for evidence about why the Vikings invaded – using a song. Next week we will look at why the Vikings settled and where they lived.

In science we are nearly at the end of our topic on sound and will be looking at soundproofing. The next topic will be plants.

We had a lovely mini concert with our recycled material instruments this week and we hope you enjoyed hearing your child’s music at home!

Once again, thank you for your help with reading, times tables and spelling at home. It makes such a difference when you practise these regularly with your child.


The Year 3 Team